Discover which are the best shopping centers in Medellín and its metropolitan area: the largest and with the best shops, restaurants and leisure options. In our updated list you will find them divided by areas, so that you can identify the ones closer to you

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Wich are the best shopping centers in Medellín?

Going to the mall never gets old and its a super complete plan because inside these little citadels you can literally find everything, from stores to a wide variety of restaurants, games, cinemas, gyms and other types of activities that will surely call your attention.

Malls in El Poblado

Santa Fe – The best on the list

Credits: Centro Comercial Santa Fe

With a 207.000m2 area and almost 463 stores, this is the biggest and most luxurious mall in Medellín. It is located in La Milla de Oro, a quite exclusive area in El Poblado, which is where the rich people of the city live.

Among the wide range of services offered there are: brand stores, banks, barbershops and beauty salons, gyms, food courts with chain restaurants and also several gourmet options, supermarkets, cinema, various gaming experiences and extreme activities.

You will also find programming during the week with events such as yoga, pilates and rumba classes. In addition, when they say fun for all the family that also includes animals, since this place is pet friendly.

  • Address: Carrera 43a, Calle 7 Sur – 170
  • Featured stores: Aldo, American Eagle, Arturo Calle, Bershka, Celio, Cristina Restrepo, Diesel, Epk, Espirit, Forever 21, Gef, Hugo Boss, KOAJ, Levi´s, Mario Hernández, Nautica, Navissi, Nike, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Studio F, Victoria´s Secret.
  • Featured restaurants: Crepes & Waffles, Parmessano, Takout, Home Burgers, Percimon.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Cine Colombia Múltiplex Santa Fe, Smartfit, Bowland, Xtreme Zone, Xtreme Karts, Happy City.
  • Hours: monday through saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and sundays 11 a.m. – 8p.m.

El Tesoro Parque Comercial

Credits: El Tesoro Parque Comercial

This is another of the paisa´s elite gathering points since it is recognized for having quite exclusive brand stores. El Tesoro, founded in 1999, it is located in a neighborhood of the same name in El Poblado and has been consolidating itself as one of the most prominent shopping centers in the city.

According to Gente magazine, after the expansion of its fourth phase, which was delivered in 2020, El Tesoro now measures 248,000 m2, although not all of that area corresponds to commercial premises, which amount to approximately 428. That´s why this is one of our biggest malls.

To get there it is necessary to travel by vehicle. If you use the public transportation, Poblado the nearest Metro Station. From there you can take a taxi or any of the integrated routes 133i or 134i.

  • Address: Carrera 25a #1a Sur – 45
  • Featured stores: Adidas, Aldo, American Eagle, Arturo Calle, Bershka, Bon Bonite, Bosi, Chevignon, Coach, Cole Haan, Cristina Restrepo, Diesel, H&M, La Martina, MAC, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Nike, Pandora, Parfois, Replay, The North Face, Under Armour, Victoria´s Secret, Zara.
  • Featured restaurants: Il Forno, Al Alma, Milagros, Sr. Wok, Chef Burger, Mundo Verde.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Cinemark El Tesoro, Tesoro encantado, Jumabalá, Afterland.
  • Hours: monday through saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and sundays 11 a.m. – 8p.m.


Credits: Pascual Celis Arquitectos

Oviedo is an iconic place of Medellín and El Poblado. It is more than 40 years old after its inauguration in 1979 and has been expanding ever since to have close to 350 stores and occupy an entire block on La Milla de Oro, next to Av. del Poblado.

Despite not being as large as the other ones on the list. Oviedo´s mall has several spaces and natural green areas that offer a very pleasant experience to spend time whether you go shopping, eating or using their coworking areas.

You can get there by vehicle taking Av. El Poblado. Or if you use public transportation, Aguacatala is the closest Metro station to Oviedo, although after getting there you might need to take some vehicle to get to the mall anyways.

  • Address: Calle 6 Sur #15 – 43a
  • Featured stores: Arena, Arturo Calle, Bon Bonite, Chevignon, Cristina Restrepo, Diesel, ELA, Espirit, Gef, Lacoste, Superdry, Tennis, Totto, Villa Romana.
  • Featured restaurants: Milonga, Todo Fresa, Crepes & Waffles, Hatoviejo, Santa Leña, El Portal, Mundo Verde, Presto, McDonald´s.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Cine Colombia Multiplex Oviedo.
  • Hours: commercial area, monday through saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. / Sundays and holidays 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. | Food court and restaurants, monday through saturday 12 m. – 9 p.m. / Sundays and holidays 12 m. – 10 p.m.

Malls in Medellín´s Downtown


Credits: Centro Comercial Sandiego

This is the shopping center with the most tradition and history in Medellín and Colombia, since it was the first in our country. Now it has more than 50 years. It was founded in 1972 and it received its name due to its resemblance with the shopping malls that existed around the same time in San Diego, California.

You can go there by taking the Metro. Exposiciones is the station that leaves you nearest Sandiego. When you get off you must walk 4 blocks east along Avenida 33, until you pass the large roundabout. Then you will see the mall at your right side.

Nevertheless, currently this place´s importance is most of all historic. I recommend going to other malls in the quadrant such as Premium Plaza.

  • Address: Calle 33 # 42 B – 06
  • Featured Stores: Falabella, Adidas, Agaval, Alkomprar, Arturo Calle, Bon Bonite, Chamela, Croomatic.
  • Featured restaurants: Wajaca, Crepes y Waffles, Sr. Wok, Il Forno, Montolivo.
  • Hours: monday through thursday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. / Friday and saturday 10 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. / Sunday and holidays 11:00 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Premium Plaza

Credits: Centro Comercial Premium Plaza

It was inaugurated in 2007 in La Candelaria, almost reaching the Poblado sector. At some point it was the biggest mall in Medellín. It is now 16 years old and remains a reference point for its large number of shops and fun offers for the whole family.

According to webpage, in Premium Plaza, whose facilities have 4 floors, there are a total of 421 stores, 3 food courts, 6 movie theaters and 269 brands, including Ela, Stradivarius, Studio F, Bershka, Koaj, Totto, Miniso and many more.

Here you can fully enjoy entertaining activities such as watching movies, playing sports on the synthetic soccer fields or going to the African theme amusement park; all in the same place. And to get there you have the facility to travel by Metro.

The closest Metro station to Premium Plaza is Industriales. When you get off the terminal you must go to the right, towards the east. You will immediately see the Punto Clave shopping center and, if you continue walking along 29 street for three more blocks, you will arrive at your destination in 10 minutes.

  • Address: Carrera 43A # 30-25
  • Featured stores: Ela, Stradivarius, Studio F, Bershka, Koaj, Totto, Miniso, St. Eve, Lili Pink, Micelu, Karibik, Alma.
  • Featured restaurants: El Corral, Asia Express, Cosechas, Fogón y Leña, El Corral, Sarkú Japan, Beer Store, J&C Delicias.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Royal Films, África´s fun park.
  • Hours: monday through thursday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. / Friday and saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. / Sundays 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Shopping Malls in Laureles – Estadio


Credits: Unicentro Medellín

The largest shopping center in the Laureles sector is Unicentro and it is located in a fairly accessible location, right next to the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, very close to Av. 33 (where several bus routes such as the Circular Coonatra passes).

The closest Metro stations to the mall are Exposiciones on the one hand and Estadio and Suramericana on the other, although from any of these 3 it is necessary to take a vehicle since the distance on foot to the shopping center is not to take for granted.

  • Address: carrera 66B # 34A – 76.
  • Featured stores: Luxury Vet, Arturo Calle, Studio F, Sienna, Naf Naf, Agaval, Chevignon.
  • Restaurants: Mundo Verde, Parmessano, Crepes & Waffles, J & C Delicias, Santa Elena, Santa Leña.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Multiplex Cine Colombia.
  • Hours: Monday through saturday 10:00am a 9:00pm / Sundays and holidays 11:00am – 8:00pm

Shopping Malls in Belén

Los Molinos

Credits: iconstructora

This shopping mall is located in Belén sector. If you wonder how to get to Los Molinos, the answer is you can do it by Metro, taking the Metroplús that goes from Industriales station to Universidad de Medellín. The nearest station to the mall is La Palma.

You can also easily go by car taking Av. 80 or Av. 30, depending on where in the city you start from. In general, it is a simple place, designed for the middle class of the area, with a variety of quite accessible stores and many entertainment options.

Los Molinos stands out for having a very abundant offer with several movie theaters, games and fairground-style attractions, jumps, a race track for mini cars and a picnic area.

  • Address: calle 30A # 82A – 26
  • Featured stores: Americanino, Parchita, Bosi, Candelaria, Chamela, Cromatic, Doppler, Gef.
  • Restaurants: Chef Burger, Il Forno, La Miguería, Astor, Wajaca.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Multiplex Cine Colombia, Flying Squarrel, City Park, Run Run Minicars, Xtreme Racer, Zona Picnic.
  • Hours: monday through saturday 10 am – 10 pm / Sundays and holidays 11 am – 9 pm


Credits: TripAdvisor

This shopping center is very popular among the inhabitants of the west of the city, since it was inaugurated not long ago and brought to the sector well-known brands such as H&M, as well as fun and stylish spaces to spend an unforgettable time.

The project was built by Cimento, a company created by Amarilo from Colombia and Spectrum from Guatemala, it has 5 levels and about 160 stores. It is located between Carrera 70 and Av. 80, two very main roads in the city, so it will be easy for you to find this place.

If you use the Metro system, you can go to the Aguacatala station on Line A and then take an integrated Metro bus that goes along Av. 80 to the north. Or you can go by Metroplús from Industriales to La Palma, where you must take another vehicle that goes along the 80 to your destination.
  • Address: Carrera 70 # 1-141
  • Featured stores: H&M, Miniso, Falabella, Adidas, Agaval, Agua Bendita, Chamela, Arturo Calle.
  • Restaurants: Chef Burger, Archies, Romero, Percimon, Sata, Sushi Market, Wajaca, Crepes & Waffles, Percimon.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Cinemark, La Industria Bolera, Parque Infantil, Carrusel.
  • Hours: Monday through thursday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m./ Friday and saturday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Sunday and holidays: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Shopping Malls in Buenos Aires

La Central

Credits: Cinemas Procinal

This is the only large shopping mall in the Buenos Aires sector, at the east center of town. Specifically, it is located at the beginning of Las Mellizas hill, which for several years has been gaining a lot of life thanks to the tram and its boulevard full of shops, bars and restaurants.

Going to La Central is very easy. You can go by Metro to the San Antonio station and there take the tram connection to the Miraflores station. You will find the mall a few blocks up the hill.

There are about 140 brands, a large food court, 7 cinemas from the Cinemas Procinal chain and a terrace with an amusement park, among other attractions such as a monument to the old tram in the city and a beautiful mural painted by a talented paisa graffiti artist.

  • Address: calle 49B # 21 – 38
  • Featured stores: Agaval, Bata, Bosi, Brahma, Dollar City, Gef, Flamingo, Éxito, Mattelsa, Koaj.
  • Restaurants: Dogger, KFC, Frisby, Subway, Percimon, Mis Carnes Parrilla.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Cinemas Procinal, Happy City.
  • Hours: Monday through thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. / Friday and saturdays: 11.00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. / Sundays and holidays: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Shopping malls in Aranjuez


Credits: Centrópolis

I believe that the commune of Aranjuez is the sector with the greatest tourist attractions in Medellín and, as such, in the last 2 decades it has enjoyed strong development. So this shopping center is located in a very strategic area, in front of the Universidad de Antioquia and Ruta N.

To get there, the closest Metro station is Hospital, which will leave you just a few blocks walk from the mall. You can also arrive by vehicle (including a bus), since Aventura is at the crossroads of two well-known streets in the city: Barranquilla and Carabobo.

This place does not have such an abundant supply of stores, but it is a reference for people who live, work or study near there.

  • Address: Cra. 52 # 65-91
  • Featured stores: Vélez, Rifle, Mattelsa, Karibik, Éxito, Croydon, Ela, Color Blue, Alkomprar.
  • Restaurants: Fogón y Leña, Frisby, McDonalds, Tostao, Subway, Sr. Wok.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Cinemas Procinal, Happy City.
  • Hours: Monday through saturday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. / Sundays and holidays: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Bosque Plaza

Credits: Hunter Douglas

More than the mall itself, what I love about this place is its privileged location that connects directly to the Universidad del Metro station and is in the middle of great tourist attractions such as Parque de los Deseos, the Planetarium and the Botanical Garden, among others.

This makes the Bosque Plaza shopping center a perfect stop to rest and eat something, because it has a fairly robust food court, which includes a nightly offer of bars such as the Sports Bar 360° on the terrace of the building, from where there is a nice view of the whole area.

  • Address: calle 73 # 51D-71
  • Restaurants: Pollos Mario, Presto, Pizzotas, Thomassa, La Martina, Los Verdes.
  • Cinema and entertainment: Royal Films, Sports Bar 360°.
  • Hours: 10am – 8pm in the commercial area and in the terrace (Sports Bar 360°) until 11pm.

Shopping Malls in Robledo


Credits: Coninsa
  • Address: calle 71 # 65-150
  • Featured stores: Polito, Rifle, Tennis, St. Even, Mattelsa, Totto, Vélez, Karibik, Koaj.
  • Restaurants: Burger King, Caliche, Cosechas, El Machetico, Il Forno, Crepes & Waffles, Montolivo.
  • Hours: Monday to thursday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Friday and saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Sundays and holidays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Other malls in the metropolitan area

Credits: Grupo Éxito

If we talked about all the shopping centers in the metropolitan area, this article would never end. But there are definitely 3 that, due to their importance, also have a place on our list.

The first is Viva Envigado (photo above), which was crowned the largest shopping center in Antioquia (even surpassing Santa Fe). Viva Envigado is a gigantic citadel where there is literally everything, which is the most visited at the moment in the south of the valley.

The last two, both in the municipality of Bello to the north of Medellín, are the already traditional Puerta del Norte (very close to the Niquía Metro station) and the most recent proposal for Parque Fabricato, almost as large and abundant as Viva.

Shopping malls near the Metro system

If this is your first time getting to know our public transport system, learn everything you need to know in the following guide.

The Metro connects almost the entire city with its different lines, so you can get to several shopping centers that are very close to their stations. Next I will show you some of the most known:

  • Puerta del Norte: This mall in the city of Bello has a direct connection to the Niquía station.
  • Bosque Plaza: The closest station to this place is Universidad, taking Line A.
  • San Diego: It is a 10-minute walk from the Exposiciones station on Line A of the Metro.
  • Punto Clave and Premium Plaza: both are a few blocks from the Industriales station on Line A of the Metro.
  • Monterrey: This shopping center specialized in technology is next to the Poblado Metro station.
  • Viva Envigado: You can go by taking Metro line A to the Envigado station.
  • Mayorca: This shopping center connects directly to the Itagüí Metro station.

How many shopping centers are there in Medellín?

According to the Mall & Retail magazine, at the end of 2021 Medellín and its metropolitan area had a total of 36 shopping malls, with which this city ranks as the second largest market of this type nationwide.

Medellín has always been at the forefront in this matter. Sandiego shopping mall is the oldest in Colombia and it was inaugurated in the Paisa capital in 1972. And that innovative and entrepreneurial impulse is what keeps this city as the second most important in the country.

The paisas are recognized as great businessmen, which is why the capital of Antioquia is extremely active at a commercial level, hence there are countless stores, passages, market places, malls, supermarkets and other types of commercial establishments.

Here we are only talking about the best known in Medellín and some in the metropolitan area (also made up of Caldas, La Estrella, Sabaneta, Envigado, Itagüí, Bello, Copacabana, Girardota and Barbosa). Come and meet them and tell us about your experience!