Provenza was ranked by Timeout magazine as one of the 33 coolest streets in the world. The popular reggaeton singer KarolG dedicated one of his best songs to it. And Bad Bunny chose one of its nightclubs to spend the night in Medellin. 

These might be some of the reasons to hang out in Provenza, but if you need more arguments here you have some:  good gastronomy, the best party, multiculturalism and nature all blended in one place. This is why: Provenza is the favorite place for tourists in Medellín.

For some, Provenza is a street, for some others it’s a neighborhood. But Provenza is neither as small as a street nor as big as a neighborhood.

For me, it’s like a kind of little global village where you have everything: people from all over the world, barbershops, cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, parks, shops, laundries and of course hotels and hostels.

What makes Provenza so special is that in the last 10 years it has transformed a wooded and residential area of El Poblado into an entertainment center. Next to the trees and streams there are old houses converted into contemporary bars, clubs and restaurants.

In addition, Provenza is one of the places where you can find the greatest diversity of offers. From eating $1 dollar tacos, to sitting in a ‘high-cuisine’ restaurant and paying for $12 dollars dishes. You choose.

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Provenza is located in El Poblado neighborhood: it starts two streets above Parque Lleras and ends two streets below Vizcaya Shopping Center.

Although there is no formal definition of where it begins and where it ends, once you are in the place it will be quite evident due to the offer of shops with a very modern and multicultural touch.

How to get to Provenza

The best way to get to Provenza is by Taxi, Mobility Apps, by Metro or walking. Everything will depend on where you are and how your physical condition is.

If you are in an area close to 10th street in El Poblado, you can take a walk to the place, going up 10th street and turning to your right when you see a Domino’s Pizza store. 

Although 10th street is very busy and full of street vendors and people begging, you can feel protected. It is a safe area. However, I advise you not to stop to buy things from the street vendors in the sector or to give alms.

If you are in an area far from El Poblado and have a nearby Metro station, you can take Metro line A and get off at Poblado station. There you must decide if you want to take a taxi, a bus or walk.

All three options are viable. The cheapest option is to take one of the green buses that are at the exit of the metro station. Keep in mind that the bus sign must indicate “LA 10” or “CALLE 10”. Or train your Spanish by asking the driver directly which route he follows.

Outside the station you will also find a taxi point that will take you to Provenza for $6,300 Colombian pesos ($1.2 dollars). The ride will last 8 minutes.

The option of walking is very good if you have time and are in good physical condition. Keep in mind that Calle 10, which connects El Poblado station with Provenza, is a hill and the journey takes about 30 minutes. By taking this option you’ll be able to make a couple stops in El Poblado Park and the Lleras Park.

Best restaurants in Provenza

In Provenza there are dozens of restaurants. Here I share the list of favorite places where I have eaten and repeated.

Criminal Taqueria

It is a street taco shop, on a corner of Provence. The tacos are not only very cheap, but also very tasty. An excellent option to eat quickly and then keep your way. I recommend you not only to have the tacos but also to try the Margaritas.


A very nice place next to a park full of trees. It is a kitchen with a Mediterranean touch that puts very fresh ingredients in all its dishes. Excellent for breakfast, brunch or a light lunch.


In Medellín there are few places dedicated to honoring the food of the Colombian coast. And this is one of them. I really like it not only because the dishes are huge, but also because the atmosphere is very folkloric. In addition, the prices are quite good for the sector.

Yacky Chan

This is an Asian food restaurant with different options of ramen, rice dishes, sushi, among others. Although the food is not bad at all, what I like the most is the decoration and the atmosphere. You feel like you’re in a small Chinatown, where you can not only eat but start the party with some good drinks.


It is probably one of the most iconic restaurants in Medellín, since 10 years ago it brought modern and signature cuisine to the city with slow-cooked dishes. The atmosphere is perfect for a dinner for two and my favorite dish is the pork knuckle, which is cooked for 12 hours.


Tasty, abundant and cheap burgers. Good cocktails, lively atmosphere and vegan options. If you want fast food, but well prepared and with very intense flavors, Animal is my recommended option. The basement floor offers you a very special and different hidden environment.

Mundo Verde

Closing this ranking with a classic from Medellín. Mundo Verde is a chain of healthy food restaurants. Its Provenza venue offers a very calm and familiar atmosphere. Perfect for a soft lunch after a night out or to go with your family. It also has many vegetarian and vegan options.

Best bars and nightclubs in Provenza

Ok, I’ll be honest: I never go out to a party (lol). But I asked my friends what are the best places for a night out in Provenza and these were the most recurring answers.

Teatro Victoria

It stands out for its different environments, one of them with crossover music. Very good cocktails and good DJs. The ticket price is $30,000 Colombian pesos (around $6 us dollars). In several comments I’ve heard that they would not allow you to enter if you are a man an pretend to go alone or if you are dressing too informal. 

El Social

A typical canteen in Medellín, with a lot of history. Ideal for drinking, listening to music in the open air and sharing with friends. If your thing is not to dance, but to drink and talk with your friends, this is the place. Oh and they don’t charge you to enter!

Perro Negro

A tribute to the favorite musical genre of the paisas: reggaeton. Although it is a very popular place for its rhythms and urban atmospheres, recently it became more popular, because it was the place that Bad Bunny chose to party after his concert in Medellín. Admission price is $30,000 Colombian pesos.

Best coffee shops in Provenza

Arte Dolce

An Italian gelateria created by an Italian, with a long tradition in the sector, a great diversity of offer and incomparable flavors. For me Arte Dolce is the best place to go for a coffee and eat a good ice cream or a good dessert. My recommended: the cheesecake and the Cannoli.

Cafe Velvet

Perfect place for digital nomads. If you want to go to a quiet place, either to work or to talk, this is an obligated stop. Very comfortable sofas, tables to put on your laptop and excellent wifi. The best thing on the menu: Belgian chocolate.