Mercado del Río is a gastronomic square where you can find all kinds of food, for all kinds of tastes and budgets.

You go on a trip with your partner or friends, it’s time to eat and the typical question comes in: where are we eating? In Mercado del Río you will find an answer.

This place was inspired by obligatory tourist stops around the world: Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid or the Chelsea Market in New York. And thanks to this, a culinary epicenter was created where you can eat from Spanish tapas to the best local food (such as bandejas paisas).

This square has bars, restaurants, cafes and ice-cream shops. And occasionally, it houses craft fairs that are set up right in the entrance.

It is a place that provides an incredible sensory experience: the decoration of each corner is a tribute to a different corner of the world. And as diverse as the decoration, is the people who visit it. Different looks, languages, accents come together in just one place.

Visit Mercado del Río with your friends. Each one will be able to choose the restaurant in which they want to eat and sit together in the place you guys prefer. Or if you want a slightly more exclusive atmosphere, go to one of the restaurants on the second floor that offer table service.

An excellent plan that you can do is to have breakfast in the surroundings of the Ciudad del Río park, then enter the Modern Art Museum and when you leave, walk to Mercado del Río to have lunch. Everything is a few steps away and it will be a very pleasant visit.

Getting There

If you are in the El Poblado area, the best way to get to Mercado del Río is by taxi or ridesharing apps such as Uber, Cabify or Didi. The Metro is not the most convenient option if you are staying there, since the nearest station in El Poblado is a 15-minute walk from the Market.

If from your place of origin you are close to any other metro station, it may be the most practical and cheap option. You just have to get off at the “Industriales” station and walk 10 minutes until you arrive. It’s pretty close.

If you want to live a more city experience, you can get there using the EnCicla public bicycle system. There is a station next to the Museum of Modern Art where you can park and take a 5 minute walk.

You can also come in your own vehicle. There are three parking options: one inside Mercado del Río, the other in a parking lot that is across the street and finally parking in the neighboring street. They are all safe options, but usually the parking lots are a bit congested if it is lunch or dinner time.

Open times

In the table below you will find the hours of Mercado del Río. In general, in the morning you will find a few restaurants open that offer breakfast from 9:00 a.m (like El Rancherito). The rest of the places start their service from 11:00 in the morning and the kitchens close one hour before the closing time of the market.

Friday and Saturday8:00 a.m. – 12:00 medianoche
Sunday, monday and tuesday8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Wednesday and thursday8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Best restaurants

In Mercado del Río there are dozens of restaurants. And although I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there, I certainly haven’t tried them all. But a few times repeating places I get to recommend what I think are the best options.


This restaurant is a tribute to pork food. A kind of mix that raises the level of international fast food and interprets it with different cuts of pork. A mandatory dish that you have to try is the Pork popcorn entry: small crunchy bites with a lot of flavor inside.

El Rancherito

El Rancherito is a Medellin chain of traditional food, located on the second floor of the plaza. If you are not from Medellín and want to try something very typical with local flavor, good portions and fair prices, this is a mandatory stop. The bandeja paisa and the Cazuela are great choices. If you are going to have breakfast, a ‘Calentao’ never fails.


If you want a gourmet Italian experience, eat good pasta and finish it off with a delicious dessert, I recommend going to this restaurant located on the second floor. Although it may seem curious, my favorite dish is not on the menu. Is just that I love the focaccia-style breads that they give you as a starter once you arrive at the restaurant.

Peru Mix

It is a small Peruvian fusion cuisine with fast food options. It is on my list because they sell a delicious chicharrón ceviche sandwich and probably the dish that I have repeated the most in Mercado del Río. I think that in terms of flavor it is an option worth trying, although the portions could be a little more generous.

other restaurants

My main advice is to go to the Market and let yourself be guided by the smells, flavors and options that best suit your taste. Most of the restaurants are not published on Google Maps and, often