After doing a research about the luxury offer in the capital of Paisa, I assure you that the following recommendations meet the high standards of the best hotel chains that I have visited both in other Colombian cities and the world.

Being a 5-star hotel is not something that is simply said. Each country has well-defined criteria on the services that any hotel that wants to be included in this select group must have. In the Colombian case, the list of requirements is very long and is proposed to guarantee an excellent experience for users.

Some of the characteristics contemplated are that 5-star hotels have spacious rooms, facilities of a high design and architectural value, 24-hour guest service, signature restaurants and amenities like pool, gym and spa.

After comparing these requirements and taking a loook at our own database with more than55,000 reviewsm, I can give you a complete guide to the 6 most luxurious hotels in Medellín, which have earned each of their stars.

Read on if you are looking for an incomparable stay in the city of eternal spring.

Medellin Marriot Hotel

Price per night: $1.691.126 COP (349,05 usd)

Rating: 4.5

Based on 3.140 reviews on Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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It is not a surprise that the Marriott hotel in Medellín tops our list, since it is the company with the most powerful portfolio in the hotel sector. It has 30 brands and nearly 8,000 hotels in 139 countries and territories around the world.

The one in Medellín is in a privileged sector of the city called La Milla de Oro, which stretches along Avenida del Poblado and is full of very modern buildings with shops, restaurants, cafes and casinos arranged to satisfy refined tastes.

Inside the Marriott you will find the complete package: generous accommodations, gym and 24-hour room service, 2 gourmet restaurants of your choice (The Market and Nau, the latter specializing in sushi), swimming pool, spa and even 5 function rooms for events.

The hotel is a bit far from “zona rosa” of El Poblado, which implies an extra expense in case you want to move towards that sector, which you will reach in a matter of minutes taking a vehicle, this can greatly favor your rest away from the noise

Marquee Hotel

Price per night: $1.190.417 COP (252,06 usd)

Rating: 4.5

Based on 1.507 reviews on Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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Keeping a high standard, the second place on our list is not only the closest to Parque Lleras (since it is located on the same block), but it is also the definition of luxury in all its dimensions, including, of course, the price.

Everything here is excellent starting with the facilities, with a high class design that extends to the spacious, clean and elegant rooms. They are divided into 4 categories, but all without exception guarantee style and comfort.

Then there are the incredible spaces of the restaurant and the rooftop. The first is called Abbioco and it is a proposal of Italian haute cuisine interpreted with Colombian ingredients. The second has a pool, jacuzzi, bar and an unbeatable view of Medellín.

Actually, the only complaint among its guests, as with most hotels in the “Zona Rosa”zone”, is the issue of outside noise, as is to be expected in a place like this, which is precisely in the place with the most bars and clubs in the city

The Charlee Hotel

Price per night: $1.019.592 COP (215,89 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Basado en 2.004 reseñas de Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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This accommodation on the list stands out among the other options for one of its spaces: the Envy Rooftop, a terrace with a pool, lounge-bar and live DJ that is included among the coolest and most exclusive places in all of Medellín.

I’ll tell you in advance that the Envy reserves the right of admission and one of the factors they take into consideration is their dress code, which does not allow items such as sandals or very casual clothing, although this criterion can be arbitrary.

The pillars of the Charlee are haute cuisine, design, culture, art and well-being; each of them reflected in environments such as the Mezzanine, the Ultra Gym and the hotel’s flagship restaurants specializing in Italian and Japanese gastronomy.

Hotel users have stated in their reviews (several of them very recent) that the attention of the staff at the reception is a factor to improve, since in one way or another this has negatively affected the quality of their stays.

Click Clack Hotel

Price per night: $971.665 COP (205,74 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 4.460 reviews on Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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Right now the Click Clack is one of the trending lodgings in El Poblado, which is why it is one of the ones with the highest number of reviews on the list despite being relatively new. The hotel is full of elements that make it quite an entertainment experience for adults.

The first of these is its location near 10th street and halfway between Parque Lleras and Provenza, for those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Medellín while being far enough away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes both sectors of the pink zone.

On the other hand, it has an outdoor terrace, multiple fast food gourmet restaurants, brunch, Thai, Greek and bars with very good cocktails. It also has a pool with a great atmosphere, co-working spaces, and highly Instagrammable art galleries.

Of all the options in our post, perhaps this is the only one that breaks with the traditional hotel scheme by offering immersive and disruptive experiences, in which you can explore your senses and discover a new way of living hospitality.

Hotel York Luxury Suites

Price per night: $834.452 COP (173,23 usd)

Rating: 4.6

Based on 1.556 reviews on Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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The fifth accommodation on our list shares a lot of things with the other ones like Marriott, but for a considerably lower price. Its hallmark is state-of-the-art technology as each room has an automated system for your comfort.

The York Luxury Suites is a classy alternative for both short and long stays, as its spacious apartment-suite style rooms have separate sleeping and living areas, kitchen, dining, furniture and allow pets.

Other attractions, as is typical of a hotel within this category, are its swimming pool on the terrace-bar with a panoramic view of the city, relaxation area, gym and restaurant specializing in Colombian cuisine.

Despite being located on Av. del Poblado, its location is not so strategic because, to access services outside the hotel such as going to an ATM or a supermarket, you will have to walk long distances or take an Uber ride.

Binn Hotel

Price per night: $719.631 (149,39 usd)

Rating: 4.6

Based on 1.340 reviews on Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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Having been founded just a few years ago in 2016, the Binn has already established itself as one of the most charming and sophisticated accommodations in all of Medellín, thanks to its commitment to excellent service and design inspired by contemporary Italian luxury.

We know that one of the factors with the greatest impact on the quality of stays is customer service. Something in which the staff of this hotel stands out a lot and is well reflected in the reviews of its users.

Among its many attractions, the wellness and entertainment areas also stand out, such as the pool located on the terrace, the gym and the spa. As well as its gastronomic spaces with author proposals.

Several people have commented that it is difficult to locate the hotel entrance. The fact is that it is somewhat remote despite its location within El Poblado, so you will depend on a vehicle to access the “zona rosa” and enjoy the rest of the city.

Which to choose?

You are probably thinking that all the hotels on the list appeal to you, so deciding on one can be difficult. Ultimately the choice depends on the type of trip you are planning and, according to that, I have several recommendations for you.

If you want to be in the middle of the nightlife of Medellín, opt for one of the hotels within the “zona rosa” zone such as the Click Clack, the Charlee or the Marquee, but keep in mind that this may compromise your chances of rest.

If you are planning a business trip I suggest the options with a more executive profile such as the York Luxury Suites or the Binn hotels. Both have the advantage of being relatively isolated, which guarantees you peace of mind and concentration.

Finally, if you are planning a family trip, my recommendation is that you go to the Marriott, since it is a midpoint between the previous ones; quite close to the attractions of the city, but far enough to relax with your loved ones.