This place, so famous for partying, is also close to some incredible accommodations that you must know, so I decided to choose 7 of them for you. Here you will find everything from a favorable boutique hostel to dazzling elite hotels.

You can learn more about the area in one of our latest posts about Parque Lleras. Parque Lleras is a square (currently under renovation), around which the largest offer of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Medellín gathers.

Before, this was the most exclusive sector of the city, but today Provenza has stolen that title with its offer of gourmet gastronomy and stylish nightlife. Of course, Lleras is still the great champion of the party.

In Lleras you will find parties every day of the week in very varied forms, since its establishments have different environments with a wide range of musical genres. And what is more important, the offer is affordable for all kinds of pockets.

Now a warning. As is typical of this type of place, where there is a high concentration of visitors looking to have fun, you will also find prostitution, the sale of illegal drugs and people who are dedicated to asking for money. My advice here is to avoid interacting with people that you don’t know in the streets.

Knowing that, if you have an open mind and want to give Lleras a chance to stay as close as possible to where the blowout is, I bring you 7 recommendations supported by thousands of user reviews on the most reliable platforms on the web.

Hostel Rango Boutique

Price per night: $214.993 COP (45,52 usd)

Rating: 4.6

Based on 1,598 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

It is one of the best-rated accommodations in El Poblado and, curiously, it is also the cheapest on this list. It is not really in El Lleras but a few blocks away. That distance, in my opinion, is another great point in its favor.

The Rango successfully blends the lively social life of a hostel with the sophisticated details of a boutique, giving it an offbeat, intimate feel while still being welcoming to its visitors.

It is located on Calle 8, right next to Parque de la Presidenta. Among its many attributes, the things that those who stay there seem to enjoy the most are the attention of the staff, the rooftop and the gastronomic offer (especially breakfast), since the hostel has a delicious gourmet bakery.

The rooms were decorated with a modern urban aesthetic and their names recall various iconic neighborhoods in the city. These can be private or shared and, in addition to being very comfortable, they are constantly cleaned.

The only problem mentioned repeatedly by some users is that, since they are not completely soundproof, the noise outside and inside the same hostel can disturb your rest if you are a light sleeper.

Dix Hotel

Price per night: $328.535 COP (69,56 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 1,794 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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Most guests who stay at the Dix highlight its favorable value for money, largely due to the excellent location of the hotel, close to both Parque Lleras and Provenza, Parque del Poblado and Manila.

Being right in the middle of 10th Street you will have everything at hand: discos, bars, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, ATMs, supermarkets and even a Metro station just 15 minutes away so you can travel to the rest of the city.

Among our recommendations, just a few steps from the same hotel are La Ruana de Juana (an iconic paisa nightclub in Medellín) and Mero Bar (a stand-up comedy restaurant-bar). However, not all the fun is outside the hotel.

Inside, in addition to the comfortable rooms and super useful services such as parking and laundry, you will find a terrace with good panoramic views, a gym, and a jacuzzi that I recommend you reserve for a special night

Epic Boutique Hotel

Price per night: $394.335 COP (83,50 usd)

Rating: 4.3

Based on 1,078 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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Just half a block from Parque Lleras is this accommodation, whose elegant design with industrial and avant-garde touches resembles that of luxurious hotel chains, and you can access it for a fairly favorable price for its location.

If it’s partying you’re after, let me tell you, staying here will put you in the middle of parties of epic proportions. In fact, several of our Lleras recommendations, such as Patrik’s Irish Pub, are just a few steps away.

For that reason, noise from outside is a common theme among their guest reviews. But the Epic stands out precisely for its good customer service and they give their users earplugs to reduce the inconvenience.

Another detail to take into account is that circulation in the Parque Lleras area is mostly pedestrian (in order to avoid congestion on the roads), therefore the hotel does not have a parking lot and it may take time to request transportation services such as Uber from there.

Celestino Boutique Hotel

Price per night: $486.600 COP (103.03 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 2,004 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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The Celestino is a distinguished boutique hotel located on Vía Primavera, right on the border between Lleras and Provence. Despite being in the heart of the “zona rosa”, its hallmark, unlike most hotels on the list, is relaxation and rest.

Almost all the reviews about this place emphasize the style, cleanliness and comfort of its accommodations; in addition to the incredible sense of customer service from the staff, which makes visitors feel at home.

If that’s not enough, the Celestino has 2 other high-end elements to make you forget any worries: a spa with botanical-inspired herbal treatments and the Azul Selva brunch restaurant, which offers food that is as delicious as it is healthy.

However, it must be remembered that the proximity to the nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the area generate some noise, so your stay may not be completely quiet, although the hotel will do everything possible to achieve it.

The Click Clack Hotel

Price per night: $971.665 COP COP (205,74 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 4,460 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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Right now the Click Clack is one of the most famous lodgings in El Poblado, which is why it is the one with the highest number of reviews on the list. The hotel is full of elements that make it quite an entertainment experience for adults.

The first of these is its location near 10th street and halfway between Parque Lleras and Provenza, for those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Medellín while being far enough away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes both sectors of the “zona rosa”.

On the other hand, it has an outdoor terrace, multiple fast food gourmet restaurants, brunch, Thai, Greek and bars with very good cocktails. It also has a pool with a great atmosphere, co-working spaces, and highly Instagrammable art galleries.

Of all the options in our post, perhaps this is the only one that breaks with the traditional hotel scheme by offering immersive and disruptive experiences, in which you can explore your senses and discover a new way of living hospitality.

The Charlee Hotel

Price per night: $1.019.592 COP (215,89 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 2,004 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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This accommodation on the list stands out among the other options for one of its spaces: the Envy Rooftop, a terrace with a pool, lounge-bar and live DJ that is included among the coolest and most exclusive places in all of Medellín.

I’ll tell you in advance that the Envy reserves the right of admission and one of the factors they take into consideration is their dress code, which does not allow items such as sandals, shorts or very casual clothing, although this criterion can be arbitrary.

The pillars of the Charlee are haute cuisine, design, culture, art and well-being; each of them reflected in environments such as the Mezzanine, the Ultra Gym and the hotel’s flagship restaurants specializing in Italian and Japanese gastronomy.

Hotel users have stated in their reviews (several of them very recent) that the attention of the staff at the reception is a factor to improve, since in one way or another this has negatively affected the quality of their stays.

Marquee Hotel

Price per night: $1.190.417 COP (252,06 usd)

Rating: 4.5

Based on 1,507 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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The last place on our list is not only the closest to Parque Lleras (since it is located on the same block), but it is also the definition of luxury in all its dimensions, including, of course, the price.

Everything here is excellent starting with the facilities, with a high class design that extends to the spacious, clean and elegant rooms. They are divided into 4 categories, but all without exception guarantee style and comfort.

Then there are the incredible spaces of the restaurant and the rooftop. The first is called Abbioco and it is a proposal of Italian haute cuisine interpreted with Colombian ingredients. The second has a pool, jacuzzi, bar and an unbeatable view of Medallo.

The only complaint among its guests, as with most of the hotels on this list, is the issue of outside noise, as is to be expected in a place that is precisely in the vicinity of Parque Lleras.