Provenza was declared one of the coolest streets in the world, being the only one from Colombia and South America on the list. This is due to its perfect mix of gastronomy, entertainment and lodging, among which we chose 5 for you to stay during your next visit.

As we told you in a previous post about Provenza, more than a street, it is a mini-village whose charm lies in being the epicenter that brings together some of the best bars, restaurants, clubs and shops in Medellín in a natural environment.

But its attractiveness doesn’t always equals expensiveness. Our selection includes high-quality hotels with prices as varied as their offer of styles and atmospheres, since there are low cost hostels for less than $50 dollars a night ($250,000 COP) to quite luxurious boutique hotels.

Before I continue, I must warn you that Provenza is characterized by its nightlife, which means a lot of noise. If your priority is rest or you are planning a family trip, but you still want to be close to this area, I recommend you look for accommodation in other sectors of El Poblado.

Here’s our list of best hotels in El Poblado.

Now let’s continue with the list. To choose, I based myself on more than 12,000 user comments on different internet platforms, and also on my own experiences enjoying the incredible proposals that await you there for years.

Selina & Cowork

Price per night: $179.980 COP (37,07 usd)

Rating: 4.2

Based on 3,405 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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If you are looking for cheap accommodation in the ‘zona rosa’, where you can hang out and meet other people to have fun, this is the place. In addition, its proximity to 10th street makes it connect with other very active points such as Parque del Poblado and Manila.

The multidimensional space of the Selina, full of color and super-instagrammable murals, is like a small world in which you will find work and study areas, a delicious café-restaurant and common areas for guests to relax.

Rooms can be private, private with shared bathroom, or fully shared. Now, despite the fact that we put it first, this hostel does not have a higher score due to some criticisms made by its users.

In general, the complaints tend to be about cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms. Although most people who leave there fall in love with this site.

Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia

Price per night: $568.788 COP (118,78 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 5,416 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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The Diez Hotel is, among all the options on the list, the most complete and comprehensive, since in addition to its proximity to the restaurants, pubs and nightclubs in the area, it also incorporates rest into the equation, since it is a little further insulated from noise than the others.

Among the services that give it added value is the private parking, something that you will appreciate a lot if you rented a car, since finding an available parking space is one of the great problems in Provenza: something almost impossible.

Other things that give it a plus are the abundance of restaurants (3 inside the building), the vaping area with a bar, the co-working and the spa with a wet area on the terrace, although recently the sauna, Turkish bath and jacuzzi were in maintenance.

Finally, this hotel is characterized for being one of the exclusive places in the city to sponsor events, whether corporate or social celebrations such as weddings.

14 Urban Hotel

Price per night: $340.200 COP (71,04 usd)

Rating: 4.3

Based on 1,237 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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If you want to be right in the middle of all the hustle of El Poblado, the 14 Urban Hotel is your best alternative, since it is halfway between Lleras and Carrera 35, the closed street where the greatest offer in Provenza is concentrated.

In addition to how advantageous it can be to be just a few steps from everything you need for your trip, the hotel itself has several attractions such as its boutique-style design, designed to guarantee comfort.

That is why the rooms are spacious and comfortable. Now, to socialize, the hotel has a rooftop with a coffee bar, from which you can enjoy a privileged view of the city. But the noise in the area is definitely a disadvantage if you are looking for a calm stay.

Soy Local Medellín

Price per night: $229.085 COP (47,84 usd)

Rating: 4.0

Based on 1,371 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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This chain has two locations, one called Soy Local Primavera, which is in El Lleras and another in the Provenza area, just one block from the famous Carrera 35, near several pubs and discos where you can fully enjoy the nightlife in Medellín. .

I think this accommodation is tailor-made for partygoers, because it consists of a group of apartments with capacity for large groups of friends and, apart from its terrace bar, it does not have common areas for recreation.

So in these loft-style apartments, which include a kitchen so you can prepare your own meals, the plan is to get ready before a night out and, why not, have a sophisticated base to top off when the party is over. . Of course, based on the comments of those who have stayed there, do not go thinking that you are going to rest and sleep.


Precio por noche: $151.606 (31,66 usd)

Puntuación: 4.2

Basado en 692 reseñas de Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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JO & JOE is a brand new hotel in the middle of Provenzam, and has really low prices right now. Precisely because it is so new, it is the accommodation on the list with the fewest reviews.

This is a corner of the city with a lot of energy, where you can hang out, eat, learn to dance salsa and have fun every day, both inside and outside the building, which looks like a mix between a hostel and a low cost hotel with a great artistic styling.

The owners themselves warn that the lodging cannot be conceived as a full-fledged hotel, but rather as a place that offers some hotel services. For this reason, it is prudent to find out before booking what things the stay includes.

Among the most striking is the common area for snacks and the restaurant bar, designed to share meals and experiences.

Espero que las anteriores recomendaciones te ayuden a disfrutar con toda de Provenza, la zona preferida por los turistas y algunos residentes de Medellín.