Why to stay at El Poblado?

Nowadays, El Poblado is the most popular area of ​​Medellín among our visitors and also many of the locals, since you can find there restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, malls and, of course, a lot of hotels of the highest quality.

By staying there you will be assured of comfort, entertainment and an enormous diversity in the offer of all kinds of experiences. That´s why we want to provide you with the most complete guide, so that you don´t miss anything and also find the accommodation that best suits your needs.

As residents of this city, we have spent years getting to know every corner of this place and here you can discover its best hotels, neighborhoods, tourist destinations and other surprises.


Each accommodation on the list is one of its kind and below we will explain a little about what led us to position them in our top.

Short reviews

Do you want to know more about these hotels? We leave you our analysis backed by the opinions of thousands of travelers who have rated them positively on some of the most reliable tourist platforms (Booking, Google Maps and Trip Advisor).

Medellín Marriott Hotel: Best 5 star hotel in El Poblado

Credits: Marriott Hotel

Price per night: $1.691.126 (349,05 usd)

Score: 4.5

Based on 3.140 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

Marriott is the company with the most powerful portfolio in the world´s hotel industry. Its headquarters in Medellín are on La Milla de Oro, a rather exclusive place full of shops, restaurants, cafes, and casinos arranged to satisfy refined tastes.

Inside the hotel you will find the complete package: generous accommodations, gym and 24-hour room service, 2 gourmet restaurants of your choice (The Market and Nau, the latter specializing in sushi), swimming pool, spa and even 5 function rooms for events.

Although the hotel is a bit far from the club district in Poblado, which implies an extra expense in case you want to move towards that sector (which you will reach in a matter of minutes taking a vehicle), this can greatly favor your rest away of the noise.

Landmark Hotel: Best 4 star hotel in El Poblado

Credits: Landmark Hotel

Price per night: $580.000 ($80 usd)

Score: 4.6 

Based on 2.178 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

If you are a demanding traveler, who always asks for and expects a little more from your accommodation experience, you´ll love Landmark. In addition to the design and decoration touches of a Boutique hotel, what I like most about this option is that it has a very nice pool on the rooftop, a gym, and space in the rooms to work comfortably.

Landmark is located in the Manila neighborhood, which we have described in this blog as one of the best mixes between a cosmopolitan atmosphere, nightlife and a local experience in Medellín. The best thing about staying in this area is that you are in the most central point of all the good things that happen in El Poblado.

Although Manila itself is a great experience, when you want to go to busier areas like El Lleras or Provenza, or when you want to travel to a tourist area at the other end of the city, you will be a few minutes away on foot.

Selina Medellín: best 3 star hotel in El Poblado

Credits: Selina Medellín

Price per night: $179.980 (37,07 usd)

Score: 4.2 

Based on 3.405 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

This is one of the cheapest accommodations on the list and also one of the best located, as it is right in Provence, the favorite area for tourists in Medellín for its mix of good gastronomy, partying, multiculturalism and nature.

The multidimensional space at the Selina, with private rooms or completely shared, it’s like a little world where you’ll find areas to work, a music studio, a delicious café-restaurant, and a beautiful patio where some night activities take place.

Now, the score of this hostel is not higher due to some user complaints about issues such as cleaning and maintenance of the accommodations. Although, in general, most people who leave there fall in love with this site.

Marquee Medellín: Best luxury hotel in El Poblado

Credits: Marquee Medellín

Price per night: $1.190.417 (252,06 usd)

Score: 4.5

Based in 1.507 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

Marquee is the definition of luxury in all its dimensions, including, of course, the price. Everything here is excellent starting with the facilities, with a high class design that extends to the spacious, clean and elegant rooms.

Then there are the incredible spaces of the restaurant and the rooftop. The first is called Abbioco and it is a proposal of Italian haute cuisine interpreted with Colombian ingredients. The second has a pool, jacuzzi, bar and an unbeatable view of Medallo.

The hotel is very close to Parque Lleras, which is very advantageous if you are going to party, but it means a lot of outside noise, so some people complain about not being able to rest during their stays there.

Rango Hostel Boutique: Best hostel in El Poblado

Credits: Rango Hostel Boutique

Price per night: $214.993 (45,52 usd) 

Score: 4.6

Based on 1.598 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

Rango it is one of the highest-rated accommodations in El Poblado because it successfully mixes the lively social life of a hostel with the sophisticated details of a boutique, giving it an intimate and unconventional touch while still being welcoming to its visitors.

It is located on Calle 8, right next to Parque de la Presidenta. Among its many attributes, the things that those who stay there seem to enjoy the most are the attention of the staff, the rooftop and the gastronomic offer (especially breakfast), since the hostel has a delicious gourmet bakery.

The rooms were decorated with a modern urban aesthetic and their names recall various iconic neighborhoods in the city. These can be private or shared and are quite comfortable, although they are not completely soundproof so it can be difficult for some people to sleep.

Masaya Medellín: Hotel near Parque del Poblado

Price per night: $231.907 (47,76 usd)

Score: 4.5

Based on 2.660 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

Although Provenza is the favorite place for tourists, personally I have always felt more attracted to the Parque del Poblado area, since it also has a very diverse nightlife offer, but much less saturated.

And I assure you that for less than 50 dollars, the Masaya is definitely the best stay you will find in the sector. It is a 7-story building that has private and shared bedrooms, a kitchen, several rest areas and a co-working.

The best? Its terrace bar with pool and a beautiful view of the city. There are people who, without having to stay there, go to the rooftop just for its incredible cocktails and nightlife. If you are lucky you will be able to attend the cultural activities and concerts that are held there from time to time.

Celestino Boutique: Hotel near Lleras Park

Credits: Celestino Boutique Hotel

Price per night: $486.600 (103.03 usd)

Score: 4.4 

Based on 2.004 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

El Celestino is a distinguished boutique hotel located on Vía Primavera, right on the border between Lleras and Provence. Despite being in the heart of the pink zone, its hallmark is relaxation and rest. That is why it has one of the best spas in the city.

Almost all the reviews about this place emphasize the style, cleanliness and comfort of its accommodations; in addition to the incredible sense of customer service from the staff, which makes visitors feel at home.

However, it must be remembered that the proximity to the nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the area generate some noise, so your stay may not be completely quiet.

The Click Clack Hotel: Best hotel in Provenza

Credits: The Click Clack Hotel

Price per night: $971.665 (205,74 usd)

Score: 4.4 

Based on 4.460 reviews from de Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

As in right now Click Clack is one of the most famous hotels in El Poblado, partly because of its location near 10th street and halfway between Parque Lleras and Provenza, for those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Medellín.

On the other hand, it has an outdoor terrace, multiple fast food gourmet restaurants, brunch, Thai, Greek and bars with very good cocktails. It also has a pool with a great atmosphere, co-working spaces, and highly Instagrammable art galleries.

Of all the options in our post, perhaps this is the one that most breaks with the traditional hotel scheme by offering immersive and disruptive experiences, in which you can explore your senses and discover a new way of living hospitality.

Viajero Medellin Hostel: Best hostel in Manila

Credits: Viajero Medellin Hostel

Price per night: $194.367 (40,03 usd)

Score: 4.3 

Based on 1.697 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

Manila is a charming neighborhood, with very good accommodations, restaurants and much less overloaded than Lleras or Provenza. The Viajero hostel chain chose this incredible place to set up its headquarters in Medellín.

Its greatest attraction is the terrace, which offers a privileged view of the city and has 2 jacuzzis and a bar, the ideal place to meet more young people from all over. And in its modern facilities there are also other common areas such as the lobby with a ping pong table and kitchen/dining room.

The rooms can be private or group (and there is the option of shared rooms only for women), but as is often the case in hostels, privacy is sacrificed a bit in order to create an environment where travelers have fun and interact. 

Hotel Luxury Suites: Hotel in La Milla de Oro

Credits: Hotel York Luxury Suites

Price per night: $834.452 (173,23 usd)

Score: 4.6 

Based on 1.556 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

El York Luxury Suites is a classy alternative for both short and long stays, as its spacious apart-suite style rooms have separate sleeping and living areas, kitchen, dining room, furniture and allow pets.

Other attractions, as is typical of a hotel within this category, are its swimming pool on the terrace-bar with a panoramic view of the city, relaxation area, gym and restaurant specializing in Colombian cuisine.

Despite being located on Av. del Poblado, its location is not so strategic because, to access services outside the hotel such as going to an ATM or a supermarket, you will have to walk long distances or travel by vehicle.

Medellín Vibes Hostel: Best hotel in Patio Bonito

Credits: Medellín Vibes Hostel

Price per night: $233.425 (48.08 usd)

Score: 4.5 

Based on 1.491 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

This family hostel is on Av. Las Vegas and is one of the closest to the Poblado Metro station. It is a key place due to its proximity to shops and supermarkets such as D1 and Éxito, which is very useful if you plan to prepare your own food. 

The Vibes has 19 rooms, some shared for a different number of people and others in double and deluxe accommodation. From the comments of the users, it can be seen that it offers a good quality-price ratio, leveraged by its large swimming pool with lounge bar and its breakfast buffet.

One caveat that you should keep in mind is that the section between the hostel and the pink area of ​​the Poblado can be unsafe, especially late at night. So I recommend taking a vehicle instead of walking, even if it is not a long distance.

Estelar La Torre Suites: Best Hotel in El Tesoro

Credits: Estelar La Torre Suites

Price per night: $558.705 (126,41 usd)

Score: 4.3

Based on 3.494 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

The Estelar La Torre Suites is an ideal option if you are looking for a high-class accommodation with all the comforts of a 5-star hotel, which also guarantees you rest because it is located in one of the quietest neighborhoods of the town.

This place offers its guests well-equipped apartments and an outdoor pool, as well as free breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Not to mention the enormous advantage of being close to the El Tesoro shopping center, one of the most exclusive in the city for its luxury brand stores.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of Estelar is that its location is far from the pink zone and the main roads, which makes it easier to rest but means investing more in transportation to get to other parts of the city.

Poblado Guest House: Low price apartments

Credits: Poblado Guest House

Price per night: $198.333 (40,85 usd)

Score: 4.3

Based on 1.051 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

The building is located in the Manila neighborhood, 4 blocks from the Poblado Metro station and very close to the Éxito supermarket on Calle 10. This is the right option if you are looking for rest in a cozy place with an excellent location. 

Poblado Guest House has 4 apartments, making a total of 19 private rooms available, some with their own bathroom and all of them spacious enough to accommodate 2 people for a very favorable price. 

Among its attractions are the good customer service, breakfast for only $10,000 (if it is not already included in the reservation), the kitchen and the common areas to hang out. Being a family place, they prohibit parties and are strict with the hours in the common areas.

574 Hotel: Near Poblado´s Metro Station

Credits: 574 Hotel

Price per night: $230.000 ($47 usd)

Score: 4.6 

Based on 1.678 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

Let me tell you something. You won´t find any other hotel boutique with this decoration, this location and for this price in El Poblado. El 574 is located in the Astorga neighborhood in El Poblado, within a fairly wooded and quiet area. Close to the Metro and the Linear Park of La Presidenta.

This guarantees that you are only a few blocks away from all the hustle and bustle when you want to go eat, drink or dance, but also away from the noise when you want to rest in one of its 16 rooms, characterized by their spaciousness and careful boutique-style design.

Among its greatest attributes is customer service, a detail that has become their personal brand, since guests who pass through 574 do not skimp on praise when commenting on the excellent service provided by the staff. 

Sui Posada Boutique: Best mid-range hotel in El Poblado

Credits: Sui Posada Boutique

Price per night: $350.000 ($70 usd)

Score: 4.7 

Based on 278 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

Of all the hotels you will see on this list, this is probably the most beautiful, original and with one of the best quality-price ratios. The Sui Posada Boutique is one of the newest in the area and has an author’s design that incorporates organic materials from Colombian culture such as iraca.

If what you are looking for is a really cozy place, that does not neglect any detail, this is a perfect choice. Additionally, many of their guests praise their excellent service.

The only “but” you could find for this hotel is that it may be a bit far away to walk to Provenza, Manila or Parque Lleras. But at the same time, it is one of the closest hotels to the Poblado Metro station. So if your plans are to visit Medellín, this is a point in favor.

Ibis Medellín: Best family hotel in El Poblado

Credits: Ibis Medellín

Price per night: $308.210 ($69,74 usd)

Score: 4.3 

Based on 8.603 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking 

The most important thing when looking for accommodation for the family is that the environment in the area is healthy, calm and safe. Being located at Ciudad del Ríothe Ibis offers this and much more: proximity to restaurants, tourist sites, shops and even areas for outdoor sports.

All of the above are characteristics that are difficult to find together, especially among the hotels in El Poblado that are too close to the pink zone. Here you will be 15 minutes by car from Provenza and Lleras, and just a few blocks on foot from the Metro, to make your tours of the city.

The facilities themselves are very comfortable, sober and well designed, although they can be cramped if you go with more than 3 people. To top it off, the hotel offers free parking and accepts pets. Not for nothing is it the one with the most reviews on the list.

Los Patios: Best place to know people

Credits: Los Patios Hostel

Price per night: $258.692 ($58,53 usd)

Score: 4.6 

Based on 8.603 reviews from Google Maps

Los Patios is another of the great gems of the Manila neighborhood. Among wonderful restaurants, bars and cafes, this hostel stands out, highly rated by internet users due to its family atmosphere, excellent customer service and facilities arranged to meet others.

Here there is always some plan to do and share with other people. Within its programming you can participate in all kinds of activities, from yoga and dance classes to city tours. In addition, you will be able to patch up on its rooftop with a bar, swimming pool and already well known among tourists for its incredible parties.

Dann Carlton Medellín: Best hotel with pool

Credits: Dann Carlton Medellín

Price per night: $521.624 ($118,02 usd)

Score: 4.4 

Based on 8.603 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

In Colombia it is impossible not to have heard of the Dann Carlton chain, with hotels in all the main cities of the country. Of course, the one in Medellín does justice to the name and is located in a fairly strategic area of ​​the town, next to Parque de La Presidenta and Parque del Poblado.

One of its greatest attractions is the wet area, which has everything ideal to enjoy our sunny climate: Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and heated pools. The coolest thing is that the latter are larger than the average size of the pools in the other hotels in the area, so you will have plenty of water to swim in.

NH Collection Medellín Royal: Best hotel near the malls

Credits: NH Collection Medellín Royal

Price per night: $624.856 ($141,38 usd)

Score: 4.5 

Based on 3.726 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

For start, the NH Collection is a 5 star hotel with the characteristics of this rating: outdoor pool, spa, gourmet restaurant with buffet, spacious and well-equipped rooms, as well as excellent service. But here we highlight it for its proximity to shopping centers.

And it is that just a few steps away from the hotel you have at your disposal the Oviedo and Santa Fe shopping centers, the latter being indisputably the best in the city due to its enormous size and the high quality of the stores it houses.

The Charlee Hotel: Best rooftop in El Poblado

Credits: The Charlee Hotel

Price per night: $1.019.592 (215,89 usd)

Score: 4.4 

Based on 2.004 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

This accommodation on the list stands out among the other options for one of its spaces: the Envy Rooftop, a terrace with a pool, lounge-bar and live DJ that is included among the coolest and most exclusive places in all of Medellín.

The Charlee reserves the right of admission and one of the factors that they take into consideration is their dress code, which does not allow clothing such as sandals, shorts or very informal clothing, although this criterion can be arbitrary. Something to improve is precisely the attention of the staff.

The pillars of the Charlee are haute cuisine, design, culture, art and well-being; each of them reflected in environments such as the Mezzanine, the Ultra Gym and the hotel’s flagship restaurants specializing in Italian and Japanese gastronomy.

Guide for visiting El Poblado


El Poblado is in the southeast of Medellín. It limits to the north with the center of the city and Buenos Aires, to the east with the corregimiento of Santa Elena, to the west with the Guayabal commune and to the south with the municipality of Envigado.

Its location is very strategic for visitors since, in addition to all its attractions, it is only half an hour (22.5 km) from the José María Córdoba airport in Rionegro.


Church in Parque del Poblado

For some time now, El Poblado has been where the rich of Medellín live. 73.5% of the homes are from stratum 6, the highest in the city. But before this was the case, it was a mostly rural territory.

The meaning of the name Poblado comes from the very foundation of the municipality, since a Spanish visitor decreed there the first town of what we would later come to know as Medellín.

Later, when the city began to grow with Parque Berrío as the center, the town took on a secondary role and was filled with farms.

Until, from the second half of the 20th century, the upper and wealthy class set up their businesses and homes there, thus promoting the development of the sector, which became a mecca for local tourism, especially around the club district and La Milla de Oro.

Best neighborhoods to stay

Although it is popularly known as a barrio, technically El Poblado is the 14th commune of Medellín and is made up of 23 barrios in total. The entire area itself is characterized by its exclusivity and high development, as well as being the safest in the city.

However, most of these neighborhoods are purely residential. That is why visitors usually prefer only 5 of them due to their perfect mix of good accommodations, gastronomy and nightly entertainment.https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/embed?mid=1W7Rqezf7oz68vrqlZxgyVsglSZ6ESKI&ehbc=2E312F

Poblado (Provenza, Lleras, Parque del Poblado)  

Here the greatest activity of the commune is concentrated, since the neighborhood contains the different sectors of what has been called the pink zone. That is why there you will find many accommodations, discos, bars, restaurants and others. Beware of noise, it can be a determining factor in your stay.


It is a mixed neighborhood, between residential and tourist, especially since a decade ago when residents began to rent and sell their properties to make way for high-quality hostels, hostels, hotels, restaurants, and bars. The atmosphere in this sector is quite lively and not as crowded as Provenza and Lleras.

La Florida

This neighborhood, going a little further south from Parque del Poblado, is where La Milla de Oro is located, a sector characterized by the presence of many business buildings, shopping centers and high-class hotels.

Patio Bonito 

A quieter corner of the town and close to the club district, which is characterized by being quite wooded and having some small parks. It adjoins Av. de Las Vegas, a main route for the mobility of the Town, and is also near to a Metro station.

Las Lomas  

This is a purely residential neighborhood, ideal for quieter stays, although as its name indicates, the topography there is quite steep and to move to other sectors of the commune or the city it will be necessary to take a vehicle.

What to do in El Poblado?

Besides all the things that we have already mentioned, commune 14 has several tourist attractions that you can enjoy during your stay.

  • Museo el Castillo: discover the odd story of the only castle in Medellín city and its collection of decorative art within.
  • Las Palmas viewpoints: along the entire Las Palmas highway, which connects with the Rionegro airport and other municipalities to the east, there are several sites with spectacular views of the valley.
  • La Presidenta´s market on sunday: each sunday on La Presidenta´s linear park, peasants markets are held with local products from Colombian fields.
  • Mercado del Río: a large square with local and international food, where each person can order the food of their choice and eat together at the same table.

Other places to stay in Medellín

It never hurts to note that many of the Poblado neighborhoods can be noisy (especially those close to the pink zone made up of Provenza, Parque Lleras, Parque del Poblado and Manila). So we have more recommendations for you to stay in different places of the city.

Laureles: a more traditional and residential area with a lot of gastronomic diversity. Read more here.

Estadio: commfort at a low price in an ideal sectro for going out and doing sports. Read more here.

Downtown: being close to our biggest tourist attractions for a very affordable price. Read more here.