Colombia is globally recognized for its coffee, our most iconic beverage. There are many coffee shops in Medellín, speaking of establishments as such, that keep our name high due to the quality, love, and sometimes also the innovation behind each of their preparations.

If you are visiting the city, you should go to some of the following places, which turn coffee into a sensory exploration.

We strive to make a varied selection by looking in different parts of the city. Therefore, here you will get to know the best coffee shops in Centro, Laureles, El Poblado, and even in Comuna 13. But surely there will be other very good ones that we will continue to add to the list in the future.

Coffee shops in Downtown Medellín

The Candelaria sector is where most of our historical heritage is concentrated. There you will find coffee shops with a lot of tradition. But you will also find more modern proposals focused on bringing the public closer to very unique specialty preparations.


In reality, Astor is a pastry shop. It could be said to be the oldest in the city as it recently turned 93 years old. But I include it in the list because it is the most pleasant place downtown to enjoy coffee with excellent sweets, like their famous “moros” with animal shapes.

Astor has several locations throughout the city, but here I am referring to its venue in the Junín passage, where the history of this iconic brand began. Its facilities were recently renovated and now have a cozy style with refined European touches that you will love.

And, to top it off, the experience is completed with a walk through the Junín passage, which goes from the Coltejer Building to the Metropolitan Cathedral. It is one of the most vibrant and traditional boulevards in Medellín, where you will have at hand restaurants, shops, and many other curiosities.

AddressCarrera 49 # 52 – 84
Nearby placesBetween Bolívar Park and the Coltejer Building

The Coffee Laboratory

We move on to a more recent initiative that was born in 2008. The Coffee Laboratory is a roasting and coffee marketing company. It was created in Medellín with the purpose of highlighting and strengthening our local coffee ecosystem, from the planting farmers to the consumers.

The laboratory’s big bet is that the highest quality coffees stay here, so that people in Medellín can also taste them. This is an educational project, where you can learn everything needed for their delicious specialty coffees to reach your cup.

The two plans I recommend are visiting the experiential roasting plant in Aguacatala or, on the other hand, taking an artistic tour of the Antioquia Museum and finishing with a coffee at the laboratory’s location on the museum’s first floor.

Experiential Roasting PlantCalle 10 B Sur # 51-52 (near the Aguacatala Metro station)
Antioquia Museum LocationCarrera 52 # 52 – 43 (entering on the left side of the museum)

Coffee District

This is the perfect plan if you are looking for a hidden place in the city with a calm and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a delicious coffee while working or meeting with your clients.

This is a coffee-restaurant located in the Perpetuo Socorro sector, a neighborhood that is beginning to stand out as a creative district in Medellín. Its cuisine brings together fresh and local ingredients to create dishes with vibrant flavors inspired by international cuisine.

Regarding coffee, here you will find different drip and immersion preparation methods, along with a wide variety of Colombian coffees with notes of plum, panela, vanilla, ripe yellow fruits, caramel, orange citrus, and even roasted nuts.

AddressCarrera 45 #31-274
Nearby placesExposiciones Metro Station and Almacentro

Cafés in Laureles

Laureles is another favorite neighborhood among Medellín residents for its wide gastronomic offer around its first and second park. Added to that, the tranquility that is felt among its abundant green areas makes it a great option to enjoy a good coffee.

Café Revolución

Café Revolución is a small and charming place located in the first park of Laureles. It was founded in 2014 by its Hungarian-Canadian owners. Since then, it has become a meeting point for coffee lovers, regardless of their origin.

However, the coffee served there is 100% Colombian, grown in the Salento – Quindío region, in the west-central part of the country. It is characterized by having an intense Italian roast with a dark chocolate flavor, ideal for espresso coffees.

And to accompany the coffee or other cold drinks, they serve a quite varied breakfast menu, with vegetarian and vegan options. In general, the food there is reasonably priced considering the area where the venue is located.

AddressCarrera 73, Circular 4 – #6 
Nearby placesFirst park of Laureles


Rituales defines itself as the coffee from La Sierra, a neighborhood in Comuna 8 that has long been trying to leave violence behind to sow hope in the form of coffee. Therefore, by having a cup in this beautiful place in Laureles, you contribute to the growth of the project and local coffee growers.

The name is because in this place, coffee is a whole ceremony, where they offer you 3 different types of coffee (Pureza, Luz, and Paraíso), each with a rich amalgam of smells, textures, and flavors. On their menu, you will also find a delicious offer of all-day brunch and other bakery products.

AddressCircular 74A # 39b – 22
Nearby placesAv. Nutibara between the 1st and 2nd park of Laureles
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It can be said that this is one of the pioneering brands in promoting the consumption of specialty coffee in Medellín. Pergamino gets its coffee from Antioquian farms in Santa Bárbara, Urrao, and Caicedo; where a meticulous selection process begins to find the best beans.

From there, the coffee goes to the roasters and then to their specialized stores, where they offer it for sale in multiple presentations and also serve it prepared by very good baristas. In total, there are 6 Pergamino locations (including one at the Rionegro airport).

Today I recommend visiting their home in Laureles, which I recently got to know and found to be almost like a refuge for coffee tasting, with very relaxed spaces to hang out or even work, and simply exquisite breakfasts.

AddressCircular 73 #34 – 65
Nearby placesSanta Teresita Parish

Cafés in El Poblado

It’s no secret that the tourism boom in the city has been fostering the emergence of increasingly sophisticated cafes. Many of them are concentrated in El Poblado, which is precisely the most popular sector among our visitors.


Urbania Café is a socially and environmentally responsible Colombian company, dedicated to enhancing and expanding coffee culture, supporting coffee growers, and transforming the country’s tradition into unique experiences.

This Paisa venture has several locations in different parts of the Aburrá valley, but most are in El Poblado. Today’s recommendation is to visit their charming Urbania 8 store, located precisely on Calle 8, within the Astorga neighborhood.

AddressCalle 8 # 43b-132
Nearby placesParque del Poblado


Café Velvet was born with the idea that Colombian coffee tastes better in the country where it is produced and that there is a whole population waiting to become expert preparers and tasters of this wonderful drink.

Like Rituales and other coffee shops in the city, at Velvet they serve coffee grown in the La Sierra neighborhood of our Comuna 8. Their venue, opened in 2014, is located in one of the most active areas of El Poblado, between Provenza and Lleras.

AddressCra. 37 #8a-46
Nearby placesNext to Celestino Hostel Boutique

Al Alma

Al Alma is a chain of cafes and restaurants offering spaces to share with family and friends. These are perfect for chatting, working, or having important meetings, accompanying all those moments with exquisite cuisine at any time of the day.

You will find 10 Al Alma locations in Medellín and 3 more in eastern Antioquia, which can be an ideal plan to escape the city for an afternoon and treat yourself. Although my recommendation for today is their venue located right in Provenza, which enjoys a calm yet elegant atmosphere.

AddressCalle 8 # 35 – 37
Nearby placesParroquia La Divina Eucaristía del Poblado


Cambria is a café resto, but much more than that, it’s a magical place where time stops and each of its preparations seems like something out of a dream. I’ll tell you the truth, the specialty here is not the coffee drink itself but the food with an unmistakable signature touch.

If the cuisine there seems to transport you with its delicious European style, the restaurant’s atmosphere will finish taking you to another place, if not another era, where elegance and love are felt in every dish. Therefore, it is highly recommended for special occasions.

AddressCarrera 43E #12-16
Nearby placesIn Manila, two blocks from Los Patios Hostel
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Coffee shops in Comuna 13

Comuna 13 has become a global benchmark for resilience by betting on art and local entrepreneurship to overcome a violent past. In addition to the incredible experience of exploring the area and taking the graffiti tour, you can also enjoy a very good cup of coffee there.

Aroma de Barrio (Neighborhood Aroma)

This place arose from a passion for art and coffee among friends. Of all the recommendations on the list, this one is surely the liveliest, as artistic events such as concerts, talks, and even dance performances are frequently held.

The venue itself, from its very decoration, is fun, colorful, and multicultural. And the coffee preparations are no exception. In fact, they are made with their own brand of coffee, which you can purchase if you want to take home the aroma of Comuna 13.

LocationComuna 13 – section 3 of the electric stairs
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