Today I recommend you visit this linear park located in the southeast of Medellín, which combines local feeling, urban leisure, commerce and some tourist attractions in a very organic way.

When I went to the Ciudad del Río skatepark for the first time, I didn’t suspect that I was going to discover a new world in every sense of the word. Now, almost 10 years later and having changed the four wheels of my skateboard for those of a car, I must confess that this place still surprises me with its cultural, sports and gastronomic offer.

If something defines Ciudad del Río it is precisely the renovation. A few decades ago this was an industrial area that was home to more than 350 companies.

But with the transfer of many of them to the suburbs, an agreement was made in 2006 to rescue what was once one of the least wooded sectors of Medellín and transform it into a green lung full of homes, businesses, parks, restaurants and other spaces dedicated to art and entertainment.

The most incredible thing about Ciudad del Río is that it offers a unique plan for each person. Whether you want to exercise, walk in the sun with your pet, have a picnic with your partner, spend an afternoon with the family, watch a movie, go out to eat or have a drink with your friends.

And here I have several recommendations that will help you to enjoy it to the fullest.


Ciudad del Río is located to the southeast of the valley in Commune 14, Barrio Colombia sector, in the vicinity of Av. Los Industriales, between 24th and 17th streets, or also, to guide us with the Metro transportation system, between Industriales and Poblado metro stations.

As its name indicates, the park faces the river that runs through Medellín, and connects to the north with the Historic Center, and to the southeast with the most popular zones of restaurants and nightlife (Manila, El Lleras and Provenza).

We might consider that Ciudad del Río is part of El Poblado, the favorite spot for tourists lodging. But you will find that this is a neighborhood with a more local feeling.

Geting there

There are several ways to get to Ciudad del Río. The best ones are to go by Metro, by taxi, or ridesharing apps such as Didi, Uber or Cabify. You can also go in your private vehicle.

The cheapest is the Metro. An occasional traveler ticket costs $3,280 ($0.7 usd). On the A metro line there are two stations that can serve you. The nearest station is Industriales. When you exit the Metro turnstiles, you must walk across the bridge to the right until you reach the Punto Clave shopping center.

You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction if you see the huge Bancolombia headquarters building. Once you are in Punto Clave, the rest is very simple, you just have to walk in a straight line to the south along Av. Los Industriales (also known as Avenida Las Vegas).

Stop when you see a small square with an imposing Portico that guards the old façade of the Talleres Robledo. Both structures were preserved as reminders of the industrial activity that characterized the neighborhood. And just behind them is the Modern Art Museum of Medellín (MAMM), where the linear park begins to unfold.

If you have doubts, ask! The road is quite safe and there are usually security guards or shopkeepers who will give you all the instructions you need. But you’ll probably have to train your spanish.

The second option if you go by Metro is to get off at Poblado station, near the Monterrey shopping center. From there you can walk along Av. Los Industriales in a straight line to the north, but the distance on foot is at least 20 minutes, which is why it is not my favorite.

In both cases, I advise against walking if it’s night, since Av. Los Industriales is quite lonely at that time. On the other hand, the Metro usually is very busy during its rush hour (from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.). If you prefer comfort, do not hesitate to take a taxi or request a cab through ridesharing applications.

A common mistake that can happen even to city residents is to confuse this destination with Parques del Río (located in the Laureles neighborhood). Make sure you know exactly where you are going before you leave.

What To do?

As I mentioned at the beginning, Ciudad del Río offers a large number of activities. And you can check several in a single day. These are some of my favourites.

Hangout in the MAMM

The Modern Art Museum of Medellín is the main tourist attraction in the area. Admission for residents is $6,000 or $9,000 if you are visiting from abroad.

Inside you will find interesting exhibitions that vary according to the season. And also some permanent ones such as the exhibition dedicated to Débora Arango, one of the most important artists in the country.

You can end the tour with a movie, since the MAMM has the best alternative cinema in the city, where they show the latest news on the national billboard at a very affordable price.

Outdoor sport

In addition to “The Bowl”, a meeting point for skaters, bikers and rollers from Medellín; there is a climbing wall, several parks where people go to exercise, and large green areas ideal for walking, jogging, doing yoga or even walking with your puppies.

Remember to carry with you the items to clean with you if your pet has to relieve itself. You can also access the public toilet service for only $1,000 colombian pesos.

There are not many hydration points along the linear park, so bring your own bottle of water or buy it at one of the nearby stores.

Sundays of Local Marketplace

On the last day of each week, several growers and entrepreneurs meet at the Mercado Campesino to offer all kinds of artisan products: seasonal fruits and vegetables, flowers, preserves and jams,, organic soaps, granolas, cheeses, and bakery. Load up local currency cash so you can buy our country wonders in the city.


This is a great pick for a picnic. And if you also like good restaurnats, let me tell you that you will find a delicious range of gastronomic options at any time of the day.

There are so many restaurants in the area that we could write an article dedicated solely to this topic. For now we leave you with a small appetizer.

You can start the day at “Ganso & Castor”, a café bistro at the foot of the MAMM that takes the concept of brunch to another level. There the average dish costs $27,000 (5.32 usd).

If your goind in the afternoon, the go-to option is Mercados del Río, which brings together in one place more than 35 restaurants, including Italian, Mexican, Colombian, oriental food, roasts, and much more. It kind of reminds me the Chelsea market in New York.

At night, you can try the food trucks that are parked in front of the Museum, on the north side of the park. Accompany your dinner with the preparations of beer (micheladas) that local merchants sell in their street carts for only $6,000 pesos (1.18 usd).


The entrance to Ciudad del Río is totally free. But keep in mind that this is a residential area, so most businesses close between 9 p.m. and 12 p.m.

If your night is going long, head to El Lleras, Parque El Poblado or Provenza, where there will be many plans to fulfill your night.

And to sleep, definitely the best option is to stay at Airbnbs or at the Ibis Hotel, which has a very abundant breakfast, comfortable, quiet rooms that are perfect for resting.