Visiting Medellin and wanting to stay in an affordable accommodation is normal. It doesn’t make much sense to come to the city and stay locked up 24 hours in a room. That’s why you probably want to save as much as possible on your lodging, to invest your budget in the hundreds of activities and experiences that Medellin has to offer.

If you’re like me, you probably like to save money on your travels and spend on what really matters. But having a good night’s sleep, resting in a comfortable place with a minimum quality to have good nights is essential and non-negotiable.

It’s also possible that you don’t want to sacrifice a good location. In all cities, there are very cheap hotels, but sometimes the price you end up paying is because the location of your hotel may be unsafe or inconvenient.

After analyzing thousands of reviews and mixing them with my local knowledge, I made this list taking into account 3 factors. First, that the price per night is less than $40 US dollars (or 200,000 Colombian pesos). Second, that the location is good. And lastly, that it has good guest ratings.

Below you will find the list of the cheapest hotels in Medellin organized from highest to lowest price and with some important considerations to help you make your choice.

Poblado Park Guest House

Price per night: $156.000 COP ($38 usd)

Rating: 4.4

Based on 709 Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking reviews

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This small hotel is a true hidden gem in the heart of El Poblado. Considering that this is the most popular area to stay in Medellin and that the average price per night in hotels in the area is $480,000 Colombian pesos (about 100 USD), without a doubt, the Poblado Park Guest House is one of the best cheap hotels in the city.

The location of this hotel is very strategic, as it is located in El Poblado Park, just a few minutes’ walk from the Medellin Metro, Lleras Park, and Provenza.

Please note that the private rooms have a shared bathroom arrangement. And, since it is a house adapted as a hotel, some aspects such as room soundproofing may be below the standard of more conventional hotels.

If you have already decided to stay in El Poblado, we have made a list of the best-rated hotels in the area.

Hotel Med Estadio

Price per Night: $147.000 COP ($30 usd)

Rating : 4.2

Based on 749 reviews on Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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The Estadio area is one of the most popular areas to stay in Medellin. And this hotel is one of our favourite ones in that location.

Although rooms with only one double bed may be a bit narrow, if your stay is short and you don’t bring too much luggage, it is a quite comfortable option and at a price that you will hardly find for a hotel of this type in the area.

Another advantage of this hotel is that it is only one block away from an Éxito supermarket, where you can easily do your shopping or even go out to eat with very good quality and at a very good price.

Cocobamboo Hotel

Price per night: $142.000 COP ($30 usd)

Rating: 4.1

Based on 536 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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Provenza is the coolest area in Medellin and one of the 33 most entertaining streets in the world (here we tell you why). The Cocobamboo hotel is located right in the heart of Provenza, on a street with a lot of life and movement. The rooms have a shared bathroom.

If you like to party, go to bars, good restaurants, and meet new people, this hotel gives you the possibility of being just a few steps away from the best nightlife offer in the city, while saving the most of your budget for your outings.

Before you make your reservation, it is worth mentioning a small warning. This area can be noisy, and some of that noise can penetrate your room, depending on how close your room is to the street. If you are a light sleeper and your intention is to rest a lot during the nights, I advise you to look for other accommodation options.

In general, the hotel offer around Provenza is a bit more luxurious, and this is one of the few budget options that you will find. If you want to know what other accommodations you can find there, we have our favorites listed here.

Saint John Medellín Hotel

Price per night: $135.000 COP ($30 usd)

Rating: 4.1

Based on 309 reviews from Google Maps / Trip Advisor / Booking

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If you’re traveling with your family and want a more conventional hotel while keeping your savings, the Hotel Saint Jhon is a good option. It’s located a couple of blocks away from Calle 70, where you’ll find plenty of restaurant options and some nightlife activities. However, it’s far enough from the noise and chaos for you to rest comfortably.

You’re also very close to the Estadio Metro station, which makes it easy for you to move around the rest of the city and just a few minutes away from the Laureles neighborhood and the Atanasio Girardot Stadium.

Although there are no major negative aspects that stand out in guest reviews, it’s worth considering that the commercial offering around the area is not as refined as what you can find in a sector like El Poblado.

Gastón Co-living

Price per night: $97.000 COP ($20 usd)

Rating: 4.5

Based on 309 reviews from Google Maps/TripAdvisor/Booking

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It’s not a fantasy – this hostel offers individual rooms with shared bathrooms for less than 100,000 Colombian pesos (about 20 dollars). The rooms are nice, the service is very good, and the location is great.

If you want to see how the people of Medellin live their daily lives, be a bit away from touristy areas but in a convenient, beautiful, and safe place, I don’t think there’s a better option for this price.

Gastón Co-Living is located in the La Floresta neighborhood, one of the most traditional in the city. You’re very close to a Metro station, supermarkets, very good restaurants, and affordable prices.

Keep in mind that this accommodation also functions as a hostel, so you’ll find a very young, probably international crowd, eager to share in common areas.

Parque del Río Medellín Hotel

Price per night: $95.000 ($20 usd)

Rating: 4.7

Based on 180 reviews from Google Maps/TripAdvisor/Booking

Parque del Río is, in my opinion, the most beautiful park in Medellin (in this review, I’ll tell you why). It’s located in a very residential and quiet neighborhood called Conquistadores, in the Laureles sector.

Although the lodging options there are limited, this hotel, in particular, offers everything you need to rest at night and start the next day with all the energy.

This hotel seems to me the ideal option if your two priorities during the trip are rest and savings. Conquistadores is one of the calmest neighborhoods in the city, so you won’t have to deal with the noise of nightclubs and crowded streets.

In contrast, you lose a bit of convenience when it comes to finding commercial establishments and things to do. Since it’s such a residential area, there are no restaurants, bars, or supermarkets nearby, nor any Metro stations.

However, for a short stay in Medellin (2 or 3 nights), I think it’s an option that works quite well.

Parceros Med Hostel

Price per night: $88.000 COP ($18 usd)

Rating: 4.2

Based on 1023 reviews from Google Maps/TripAdvisor/Booking

We close with the most affordable lodging on our list, and the most incredible thing of all is that it’s located in El Poblado. It’s a picturesque little house surrounded by imposing buildings, which gives your stay a very cozy touch.

You can book a room for 2 for less than 20 dollars per night. The rooms are small and have a shared bathroom. So it becomes a very good option if you are traveling with little luggage and for a few days.

The Parceros Med Hostel is only a 5-minute walk from Manila, an area with a range of bars and restaurants with a super nice atmosphere and not as crowded as Parque Lleras or Provenza.

Naturally, being such an affordable accommodation, you get what you pay for. So forget about having a TV in your room, towels, much space, or expecting a completely soundproof environment.