The easy guide to Medellin Metro

The Medellín Metro is the flagship of the paisa capital, not only for being the only Metro in Colombia for more than 25 years, but also because it has been praised worldwide for its structure, cleanliness, and the good manners of its passengers. Like any Metro in the world, you may be a bit afraid […]

Getting from Medellin’s Airport to the City: The Ultimate Guide

Medellín is one of the few cities in Colombia that has two airports available for commercial travel: José María Córdova International Airport and Olaya Herrera Regional Airport. Each one of them has a very different flight offer and the way of transporting to and from them is also different. After using the Medellín airports dozens […]

Metrocable: the Medellin’s cable car everyone should give a chance

The Metrocable is a system of gondolas that connects the center of Medellín with the neighborhoods located on the slopes. The Medellín Metro has 6 Metrocable lines, 3 of them with a large tourist influx. Traveling in them is quite an experience that allows you to appreciate not only the beauty of the city, but […]