If New York has its Central Park, Mexico City its Bosque de Chapultepec and Sao Paulo its Ibirapuera Park, Medellín has the Botanical Garden, an extensive natural forest of more than 15 hectares that gives fresh air to the city and houses thousands of natural species.

The Botanical Garden is located in the northwest of Medellín, in a strategic area for tourism and recreational activities in the city. This park is a few steps from the Universidad metro station, the Explora Park, the Planetarium and the Parque de los Deseos. All these, must-do stops for those who visit the paisa capital.

The great attraction of the Botanical Garden is the appreciation of its landscapes and infrastructure, which are perfectly designed to spend an entire day. The garden has 7 green areas, 5 squares, an orchidorama with capacity for up to 3 thousand people, a butterfly garden, restaurants and much more.

Getting There

The best way to get to the Botanical Garden is by Metro. On the A metro line you can get to the the “Universidad” station, whose main exit is right at the entrance to the park. If your starting point is the south of the city (areas like El Poblado, Envigado, Sabaneta) or sectors like Laureles or El Estadio, this will be your best and cheapest option. ($3,280 Colombian pesos per person / $0.6 usd).

If you are located in the Belén, Guayabal, Itagüí sector or surrounding areas, you can also use the Medellín public bus system, called Metroplús and get off at the “Universidad de Antioquia” station. From there you only have to walk 10 minutes to reach the main entrance.

If what you want is to get there more comfortably, you can take an Uber, Cabify, Didi or any of the mobility apps that take you directly to your destination for a cheap price.

Finally, if you want to come in your personal vehicle, you can also do so and park in one of the 120 public spaces (with cost) that the place has.

Admission cost

The entrance to the Botanical Garden of Medellín is free, however this may vary depending on the time of the year in which. In a few weeks the place becomes the scene of important cultural, artistic and private events.

Although several of these events are also free to the general public (such as the Fiesta del Libro), sometimes these may have an admission fee for part or all of the park.

To identify if the date you will go to the Garden coincides with a cultural event, we recommend that you visit the official page (no english version available for now).

Open times

During most of the year, the Botanical Garden is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. When Mondays are holidays in Colombia, the park closes the following Tuesday.

However, you should consider that when there are private events, the place may be partially or totally closed for public visits.

If what you want to know is the ideal time to go, my recommendation is that you go in the afternoon, during the weekends, especially if you come with your partner, friends and family. At this time you can find couples doing picnics, children playing and photographers taking advantage of the natural landscape to do their sessions. It is a very nice environment!

Botanical Garden during Feria de las Flores

During Feria de las FLores, the Botanical Garden hosts a festival known as “Orquídeas, pájaros y flores”, an exhibition of orchids and handicrafts that has been held for decades and is one of the hallmarks of the paisa festivity. During this period, admission to the garden costs between $17,000 and $22,000.

What to do in the Botanical Garden?

Appreciate the fauna and flora

For nature lovers, visiting the garden is a fascinating experience. There you can find 1,200 species of plants and an exhibition of more than 30 species of butterflies.

Additionally, do not be surprised if in the middle of your visit you find iguanas crossing the paths, or some ducks that decide to leave the garden lake to take a walk next to the visitors.

Enjoy a picnic with your partner or friends

Thanks to its extensive green areas, the Botanical Garden has become an ideal place for picnics. For this, the garden itself offers you the option of a picnic for 2, from $72,000 Colombian pesos. Although you could bring your own tablecloths, just to rest for a while, keep in mind that the entry of food is prohibited.

Practice sports and relaxation activities

In the garden facilities you have jogging paths and optimal spaces for meditation and yoga practices, among others. You do not require permission to do so, but keep in mind that it is not allowed to enter sports instruments such as balls, bicycles, among others.