There are many bookstores in Medellín, so many that it is impossible to talk about them all in this article. But if you want a book, below I am going to recommend the most notable sites where you can start looking for it.

The great thing is that, for the most part, the bookstores on this list offer you wonderful experiences around reading, such as having a coffee or a drink, eating in delicious restaurants, attending talks, clubs and cultural events, and even taking literary tours through our streets.

In fact, today’s selection was made with the help of Rodnei Casares, the Venezuelan bookseller who is already famous in the Paisa capital for his bookstore tours. It is a perfect plan to buy texts and discover different spaces in the city in the company of more readers and excellent booksellers.

Do you want to take the bookstore tour? Follow Ítaca Bookstore Bar on Instagram and ask Rodnei when the next tour will be. Or stop by its physical headquarters located in the Tinto de Verano house.

How many bookstores Medellín has?

Thanks to the tours, Rodnei was able to create a map that includes nearly 100 bookstores. The number could be even higher, since we have a very variable book ecosystem in which new ventures constantly emerge, just as others close their doors.

But don’t be overwhelmed, in this updated list I chose my 16 favorite places in different areas of the city. I also considered their respective specialties, so you will find categories such as read and affordable books, coffee bookstores, online bookstores, independent, children’s literature and even religious bookstores.

Librería Bar Ítaca – Books take over the city

I start by reviewing the host of the tour. Rodnei’s project has managed to transcend a single physical space to inhabit all of Medellín. In that sense, it seems to me to be one of the most innovative initiatives in the sector. And, in addition to this, its headquarters in Laureles hosts fascinating events such as talks, book clubs and cocktail nights that will forever change your vision of bookstores.

Address: circular 5 # 70 – 127, inside Tinto de Verano.

Bookstores in Downtown Medellín

Traditionally, the center is where the commerce and culture of cities move most. Such is the case of bookstores in Medellín. That’s why here you will find the sites with the longest history on the list.

La Bastilla – Cheaper second hand books in town

It is also known as the Book and Culture Shopping Center. Approximately 70 stores meet there, dedicated to the sale of new books and books read for very cheap prices. I recommend going up to the second floor to meet some real booksellers by trade.

Address: Carrera 48 # 49 – 14, in the La Bastille passage.

El Acontista – An elegant bookstore, coffe, restaurant

This space is a literary haven in the middle of the characteristic hustle and bustle of the center. Its first floor is a delicious restaurant with a jazz-themed atmosphere perfect for evenings and dinner. On the other hand, the second floor offers a very abundant collection, which specializes in literature, poetry and sociology.

Address: 53rd street # 43 – 81.

Entre Líneas – A hidden gem

It is located in the heart of Av. de La Playa, a little obscured by the vibrant commerce that exists in the area. Here you will find new books in a wide range of categories: arts, children’s, academics, business, humanities, well-being, etc. It is a good place to purchase current publications at a favorable cost.

Address: 52nd Street # 45 – 64.

San Pablo – The best religious bookstore

The Society of Saint Paul is a publishing house with a century-old history. It has established itself as a chain with several bookstores throughout the country. Its great strength is Christian, children’s, business, ethical, spiritual and motivational literature. There you will find material for all types of audiences in those areas.

Address: has 2 locations. One on 57th Street No. 49 – 44, inside the Villanueva Shopping Center. And another on the diagonal 50 # 49 – 45.

Bookstores in Laureles and Estadio

In recent decades there has been a transfer of booksellers to this sector, which is currently the second with the highest concentration of bookstores in Medellín.

Grámmata – The best independent bookstore

Wilson, the bookseller there, often says that if he doesn’t have the book you are looking for he will get it for you. That entrepreneurial spirit has led him to consolidate Grámmata as the independent bookstore with the largest offering in the city. And it also has a nice cafeteria that constantly hosts cultural events.

Address: It has several locations, but the main one is the first floor of a house on 49b Street # 75 – 33.

Palinuro – One not so old second-hand bookstore

Luis is one of those professional booksellers with whom it is a pleasure to talk to receive amazing recommendations. Palinuro’s proposal focuses on giving a second life to the books read. There is a well-curated selection that even has books in other languages ​​such as English and French.

Address: 49b street # 75 – 33, on the second floor of Grámmata. Going to that house is like having the best of both worlds in one place.

Ex Libris – A delicious coffe-bookstore

If until now we have only talked about books, let me tell you that in addition to being able to browse readings, here you are going to eat some incredible desserts. Ex Libris is now celebrating 10 years making gastronomy a literary experience. And its headquarters are located in Carlos E., a beautiful neighborhood to hang out.

Address: Calle 53 # 64A – 27.

Fernando del Paso Bookstore

This is a bookstore of the Fondo de Cultura Económica, the important Mexican publishing label. Its headquarters in Medellín opened just a few years ago next to the Piloto Public Library. From its beginning it became one of the strongest options to acquire literature, philosophy and academic texts.

Address: Carrera 64 # 50 – 52.

Bookstores in Poblado

Librería Nacional

We arrive at one of the titans of the book market in Colombia. It is a large chain (perhaps the oldest in the country as it was founded in 1941), with offices in six cities and 60,000 references in all topics and subjects. Several shopping centers in Medellín have one of their points of sale.

Address: specifically in El Poblado you can go to the 3 stores that remain, respectively, in the shopping centers of Oviedo, Santa Fe and El Tesoro.

Casa Tragaluz – The home of local imprints

This wonderful place just a few blocks from Parque del Poblado is a cultural center that hosts events, talks and workshops. In addition, it has a bookstore where 13 independent labels from Antioquia are circulated, including its own: Tragaluz editors.

Address: Calle 9 # 43c – 50.

Bukz – A young bookstore

With its motto “No one reads”, this bookstore is the freshest proposal on the local scene due to its youthful air and its focus on online book sales. Although it also has 3 physical locations to worship paper and will soon open two new spaces in the city.

Address: specifically in El Poblado there is a headquarters in the El Tesoro Shopping Center and another on Carrera 30 #10 – 335.

Bookstores in Belén

To the south-west of the city is one of the most traditional communes of Medellín, which, however, is undergoing a constant process of modernization. Proof of this are the bookstores that inhabit it; mix of tradition and novelty.

Los Libros de Juan – Second-hand books and antiques

In the La Castellana neighborhood there is a bookstore that was born from the passion for preserving books, antiques and other historical pieces. For this reason, the Books of Juan are an attraction for all curious people who want to read literature, sociology, anthropology, rare books, old books, jewelry and other rarities.

Address: 34th Street # 81 – 41.

Te Creo – Suso’s bookstore

Have you heard of Suso El Paspi? Well, this is the bookstore founded by the Paisa comedian in his hometown. And although it already has another headquarters, the one in Belén is the one that functions as a cultural center with a cafeteria, theater and space for talks, reading clubs and workshops.

Address: Belén headquarters is at 27A Street # 81 – 35.

Bookstores near Medellín

Leaving the city there are also places to enjoy wonderful experiences around books. Don’t hesitate to take a break and have a coffee at either of these two bookstores.

9 y 3/4 – The best child bookstore

Its name is inspired by the train platform that appears in Harry Potter and leads its characters to the fantastic world of the saga. With that spirit, this bookstore café is dedicated (among other things) to the sale of children’s literature in a space designed for play and fun.

Address: Vía Las Palmas Kilometer 15 + 750 0000000 Envigado, in the Viva Palmas Shopping Center.

Fauno – Cultural coffeplace in La Ceja

It is a business whose hallmark is the elegance, intimacy and warmth it provides to its clients. It currently has 2 headquarters, one of them within Medellín. But you should know their location in La Ceja, where you will find a wide range of books, high-standard coffee and high-quality pastries.

Address: Carrera 13 # 26 – 56, in the Viva de La Ceja Shopping Center.

I hope you enjoy the recommendations and find all the books you have pending on your list.