Medellín has a great gastronomic offer. From local to international food. But which are the best restaurants in the city? We prepared this list based on our personal experience testing dozens of restaurants and choosing those that we liked the most and that also have the best rating on the internet. Are you hungry? So, let’s eat!


If I had to recommend just one restaurant to people visiting Medellin, Alambique would be my first choice. This place is a kind of gastronomic laboratory where they experiment with the most traditional ingredients from all regions of Colombia and take them to a new dimension.

Most of Alambique’s dishes are slow-cooked. The flavors are not only fresh and exquisite, but they also have generous portions. Therefore, you can share your dish with other people.

Keep in mind that this is a very popular restaurant, so you may need to make a reservation, especially if you plan to visit on weekends or at night.

My favourites

  • Ceviche de Chicharrón
  • Canasticas de buñuelo
  • Torta de Chócolo y Tres Cerdos
  • Sangría

Malanga del trópico

Colombian pacific food is one of the tastiest foods of the country and Malanga cuisine is probably the best tribute to this region in Medellín. On the menu you will find a wide range of ceviches, rice dishes and meats.

Apart from the pleasant tropical atmosphere, I have always liked the good service at Malanga and that little touch of sweet that they add to most of their dishes. Keep one thing in mind: while the portions are plenty, each person at the table will likely have to order a dish to be fully satisfied.

My favourites

  • Fish Timbales or Pork Timbales
  • Tentación del trópico (tenderloin with ripe plantain)
  • Parrillada Costera (to share)
  • Refajo (fresh and tasty alcoholic drink)

Mar y Fuego

Among the restaurantes in Medellín, this is the one that combines with the greatest wit and good seasoning the flavors of Colombia that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Make a reservation.

Its gastronomic proposal, which comes from the sea, also collects characteristic ingredients from the various regions of the country. And from them they create a fusion cuisine with recipes so unique that, no matter how many times I try them, they continue to surprise me. Look at my favourites…

For starters, order the Ceviche Coral. A mixture of seafood with house tartar sauce topped with cape goosberry teriyaki and chicharrón powder.

Pacific fish in shrimp and green pepper sauce from Putumayo, with fresh minced meat and chorizo vela, served with cocnut rice.

Sautéed lobster and shrimp hot dog with garlic, sweet chili and lemon sauce, momposino cheese and tartar aioli; accompanied by artisan chips.

My absolute favourite is this Lomo Aborrajado of beef in blue cheese sauce, sweet guava and bacon, over gratin ripe banana puree.

Mar y Fuegos’s cocktail bar is a point apart. Here the drinks have an unmistakable signature, with mixtures that highlight tropical fruits.

Creamy rice with seafood casserole reduction, shrimp, pieces of ripe banana and costeño cheese topped with onion ceviche.

I recently discovered that they launched a new brunch menu and after learning about it, it immediately rose to the top of our list with the best burnches in Medellin.

When there is a captivating story behind a preparation, the food reaaly gets you. Jessica and Sergio (the chef and author od the dishes at Mar y Fuego) are a couple who lef by many kilometers behind to come to Medellin with the dream of opening a really different restaurant.

And after years of self-taught learning, in 2020 Sergio won La Barra Award for “Best Chef in Antioquia” and Mar y Fuego was recognized as the best colombian cuisine restaurant in the country.

If you add to that the fact that its headquarters in El Poblado is an open air garden, quiet and welcoming, where pets are even accepted, there is nothing more to ask for.

Address: carrera 37 # 10b-4, El Poblado in Provenza. They also do home deliveries.


  • Brunch is from 8:30am to 3pm.
  • The rest of the menu is available from Monday to a Wednesday 9am to 10:30pm / Thursday 9am to 11pm / Friday and Saturday 9am to 10:30pm (kitchen) and from 9am to 12am (bar) / Sunday from 9am to 6pm

Prices: Between 23.000 COP (around 5 dollars) and 76.000 COP (around 20 dollars).

Il Castello

Il Castelo is probably the best pasta restaurant in Medellin. If you want to feel like you’re in an Italian trattoria and enjoy freshly prepared focaccias, this is the place. This restaurant, located on 10A street in El Poblado, is characterized by its quiet atmosphere, perfect for having a good conversation or to visit with the family.

Although the house specialties are pasta, the Neapolitan-style pizzas are quite tasty as well. And in general, all the breads that will be brought to you to accompany your dishes, to my taste, steal the show.

My favourites

  • Burrata. (entree)
  • Carbonara Pasta
  • Scarmoza Pizza


Rocoto is one of the best Peruvian food restaurant I have visited in Medellín. It has two locations, one in Provenza and the other in the Segundo Parque de Laureles. The Provenza venue is my favorite, because it is surrounded by many trees, nature and a small stream that makes it a very romantic and cozy place, especially at night.

But it is not the typical Peruvian restaurant with native decoration. It is more of a resto-bar, with super modern touches, a good atmosphere and very exclusive decoration.

Platos recomendados

  • Rocoto (rice)
  • Fetuccini a lo macho (pasta)

Vesuvio Pizzería Restaurante

This place is quite a spectacle because haute cuisine is celebrated there with live music shows and pizzaiolos that will surprise you with their pirouettes of dough flying in the air.

Vesuvio began as a daring dream of two friends, who transformed a hidden garage in Poblado into the new great revelation of local gastronomy. And the excellent reception they have had in the city allowed them to become the current champions of Pizza Master 2023.

Its flagship preparation is “Porky Jack’s”, which brings together an elegant contrast of flavors between sweet, spicy, creamy and a crunchy texture in each bite. But behind their success there is much more, because everything they do is born from creativity by combining unexpected ingredients.

Before ordering your pizza, I recommend that you explore the appetizers, like these exquisite portobellos stuffed with cheese and topped with serrano ham.

The Burrata in Contrasto pizza is a work of art where the creamy notes of the burrata and the sensation of the bittersweet sauce flirt.

For dessert you can choose between several options. My favorites were the chocolate volcanoes with liquid filling and ice cream.

The menu has a wide range of experiential cocktails, such as this Vesuvio Insignia with Jack Daniels, apple nectar and sparkling ginger ale.

The restaurant has a very lively atmosphere and is perfect for special occasions, since in addition to its live shows it offers complimentary decoration.

And, of course, to accompany their dishes they also have non-liquor drinks like this refreshing soda flavored with watermelon, lemon and mint.

Since we tried their famous “Porky Jack’s” for the first time, Vesuvio has come to top our list of the best pizza restaurants in Medellín. And if you want to order it to be delivered to your home, the restaurant has a home delivery option via Rappi.

Location: Carrera 47A # 5-70, in Patio Bonito, El Poblado (behind Las Vegas Av.).

Hours: Monday – Thursday from 3pm to 10pm / Friday and Saturday from 12:30pm to 11pm / Sundays from 12:30pm to 10pm.

Prices: between 30,000 COP and 51,000 COP.


Pigasus is one of those restaurants with which it is worth breaking the diet and stop counting calories. It is a fast food restaurant prepared with pork. Although their hamburgers are very famous, what I like the most about Pigasus are their “hot-dogs” made with different cuts of pork.

My favourites

  • Piggy Fire (Burguer)
  • Philly Cheese (Hotdog)
  • Mazorcas Pigasus (Corn)


Burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, corn on the cob, you name it… Texmex food is one of the most famous in the world and one of my favorites. TacoHouse is the best Tex-Mex restaurant I’ve tried in Medellín, not only because of its good portions, plates abundant in cheese, and good sauces, but also because of the lively atmosphere of the place. Choose your dish, a couple of cocktails and start the night..

My favourites

  • Gratin Burrito
  • Tacohouse Corn (entree)
  • Flautas Norteñas

Bárbaro Cocina Primitiva

One of the most popular steakhouses right now in Medellín. Bárbaro combines a very lively atmosphere and very instagrammable spaces with one of the most complete grill menus in the city. All Bárbaro meats are Angus Verified Beef.

If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, this may be your choice. Keep in mind that, due to the quality of the meats, their prices can be above the average ($25 USD each).

My favourites

  • Tenderloin to the barrel
  • Crispy bacon molcajete
  • Prk Knuckle
  • Costiburguer


Right now my favorite place to go out to eat in Medellín is the Manila neighborhood, as it has an offer of gourmet food, good bars, rooftops, and cafes. The best restaurant that I have visited there is Idílico, a small place of typical Colombian food reimagined in a very creative way.

Idilico is the typical restaurant where it is worth asking for variety and sharing, since each dish is a surprise for the palate. If you go as a couple, my advice would be to order at least 2 starters and 2 main dishes, accompanied by one of their delicious sodas made with native fruits such as Gulupa and Tamarindo.

My Favourites

  • Cob tentacles (entree)
  • Pork & Milhoja
  • White fish


I like going to Pesqueira because it is like visiting a small shack on the Colombian coast. And when you go to the coast, you have to eat a good fish and accompany it with a good drink of liquor. Here in Pesqueira there is a menu of rice, fish and seafood like no other in the city.

And not only the variety is good, but also the quality of the dishes. When it comes to flavor, few sea restaurants will match it. But something that for me just gave Pesqueira the point is the atmosphere of the place, which is frequently enlivened with live music.

My favourites

  • Poseidon Grill
  • Creamy seafood rice
  • Corozal (cocktail)
  • Lulada envenenada (cocktail)

La Matriarca

When you enter La Matriarca you will feel like you are in the dining room of the madrigal family, from the movie Encanto. This restaurant is a large traditional Antioquian house in the middle of El Poblado. When foreign tourists ask for a place to eat the best typical food in Medellín, many will point to this restaurant as the right place.

My favourites

  • Bandeja Paisa
  • Tocino al cajón
  • Cazuela al arriero


Describing the best pizzeria in Medellín is difficult. And surely you will think how different a pizza can be? Well my friend, It has many different things. First, a perfectly fermented and baked dough: puffy, fluffy little edges and a thin, slightly crispy center.

On the other hand, something fundamental, what the mass carries on top. And that is where Forbici stands out above the other pizzerias in Medellín. Well, we rarely see pizzas that risk mixing ingredients: pork rinds, spinach, crispy prosciutto… Anyway. Only if you try it will you know what I’m telling you.

My favourites

  • Forbici Pizza
  • Spinach Pizza
  • Pork Rind Pizza


Oci.mde was one of the first restaurants to popularize signature food in Medellín. And this thanks to the fact that more than 10 years ago, the Chef, Laura Londoño, returned to the city bringing with her her great knowledge of international cuisines awarded with Michelin stars.

Ocio is characterized by its slow cooking, fresh fish and an environment designed to let the minutes go by without worrying about the daily rush.

Today it is still one of my favorite restaurants in the city. And not only because of its flavor, but also because of the transformative impact that its presence has had on the Provence sector and on the city.

My favourites

  • Asado de tira
  • Codillo
  • Icecream Cookie


Not everything on this list has to be gourmet! And if it is about eating something quick, satisfying and rich, the hamburger is the dish par excellence. When it comes to burgers, Animal has the best mix in town: extensive menu, generous portions, lively atmosphere, fast service, and very good prices.

My favourites

  • Philadelphia
  • Argentina
  • Veggie

Criminal Taquería

One taco, two tacos, three tacos… All the tacos you want! Criminal is my favorite taco shop in Medellín. It is a restaurant with a very urban atmosphere and a more than enough menu for you to try these typical Mexican preparations.

Of course, here do not expect anything refined. It is a very pleasant and at the same time relaxed place to go with friends or to eat something quick before the night begins. The true protagonists are the tacos.

Any taco you try at Criminal is going to be delicious, although I also really like the chicken quesadilla. Choose what you want and accompany it with a good beer or a margarita served in the typical red plastic cups seen in Mexico.

INA (vegan restaurant)

It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan or meat eater. This is one of the best animal protein-free menu proposals in the city and you should give it at least one chance. Apart from being a super quiet environment in the Laureles neighborhood, it has some delicious plant-based food options.

INA’s seasoning is well worth it, the presentation of the dishes is very nice and after eating them you will feel more than satisfied with the portion and nutrients of the dishes.

My favourites

  • Del campo Burguer
  • Alfrodo Pasta