Medellín is one of the best cities in Latin America for digital nomads. And although the reasons are diverse, its good internet connectivity and its growing ecosystem of coworkings and suitable workspaces play a significant role in this.

I’m from Medellín and have been working remotely for 4 years. Most of the time, I’m at home, which, in my opinion, is the best coworking space. But every now and then, I like to go out to clear my mind and connect with other people.

Thanks to this, I’ve gotten to know many of the coworkings in the city. That’s why I decided to make this list of what I believe are the best ones.

Ruta Naranja

This co-working is part of RutaN, one of the institutions responsible for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Medellín. Ruta Naranja is located in the Perpetuo Socorro sector, an industrial area declared a creative district of Medellín. The magic of this place is that it’s in an area full of workshops and production plants. In fact, the co-working itself was built using the space of what was once an industrial plant.

I find this type of coworking ideal for small entrepreneurs and freelancers looking not only for a place to work but also an ecosystem where they can make good connections and learn. Especially since there are events and talks every week that attract many people from different fields of knowledge.

One point to consider, which was a minor inconvenience for me, is that there are very few parking spots around Ruta Naranja. So, it might be better to arrive by public transport or taxi.

WeWork El Poblado Park

On El Poblado avenue, WeWork has a comprehensive location with the standard that characterizes this international chain. I had the opportunity to visit this coworking space during two recording days for a company I worked for. The truth is that the spaces are very spacious and comfortable. Nothing strange for WeWork.

From our list, this is probably the coworking with the best location. First, because it’s only a 10-minute walk from the Poblado Metro station. Second, because it’s in a very central point of the city, which facilitates any movement both to the south and the north. And finally, for all the dining, entertainment, and hotel options around it.

This location is a few minutes’ walk from El Poblado Park, Lleras Park, and the Provenza area. It also has a parking space for an additional cost.

Cowork-Latam El Poblado

I’ve visited this coworking several times, and while its location isn’t the best, it has a plus: it has very well-equipped spaces, with high office standards such as ergonomic chairs, spacious tables, power outlets everywhere, etc. The internet is fast, and it has some pleasant common areas to share with colleagues or clients, like a terrace with a view of the entire city.

In fact, most of the times I’ve been at Co-work have been for meetings or small events with clients and work colleagues, taking advantage of their rooms, rooftop, or even a small auditorium with a capacity for about 25 people on the first floor.

On the other hand, this might not be the best coworking to choose for regular visits. First, because its location is isolated from most of the city’s sectors, and second, because there’s no commerce around.

If these two points aren’t important to you, it might be a very good option, with a standard similar to WeWork but at a lower price.

Tinkko Milla de Oro

Milla de Oro is the area of El Poblado where most of the offices of large multinationals, shopping centers, and international hotel chains in Medellín are located. So, starting with the name of this coworking, you can be clear that you’ll be in one of the city’s most exclusive sectors.

I’ve worked at Tinkko a couple of times, and I find it to be a slightly more formal space than the other options on this list. Therefore, if your company is used to receiving more traditional clients, or in fact, you don’t feel comfortable in such unconventional environments, this might be the best option.

In fact, I’ve noticed that several large companies have established Tinkko as their office space.

What you gain with this alternative is a quiet and silent space, good chairs, well-equipped meeting rooms, and, of course, good internet. On the other hand, you might miss having collaborative, more open, and fluid spaces that exist in other options on the list. You choose what suits you best according to what you’re looking for.

WeWork Las Palmas

To conclude, we include WeWork for the second time on our list, with a location that is probably the coolest coworking I’ve been to in Medellín. The reasons are simple.

First, because this place has a high concentration of startups, making it a very vibrant space. Second, because it has very spacious areas to facilitate collaboration: a terrace, bar, cafe, and many open rooms. And third, because it’s surrounded by a natural environment with unique views of the city.

The downside might be its location, as it’s in the Las Palmas sector, not only is it far from most of the city, but it’s also on a road that tends to be congested during peak hours.